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This is an important factor, especially if you plan to move in the near future. Find out what trends are popular and don’t go for anything too wacky if you’re thinking about selling soon. Be careful though, as you need to make sure any work is building regs compliant. It’s worth bearing in mind that these figures are based on someone buying the average priced house. Those surveyed were asked what percentage they would increase an offer by if the property had different features.

  • Modernising a bathroom to reflect this is a great way to add value.
  • This may be installing period doors, fireplaces, cornices, or period-style radiators.
  • The more a house is true to its original form, the more attractive that will be to buyers and the more value it will add.
  • Find out what trends are popular and don’t go for anything too wacky if you’re thinking about selling soon.
  • However, your landlord must not refuse permission without a very good reason.

Protect your boiler and central heating system from damaging limescale build up that could cost you in the long run. Mature Greenery – Gardeners love mature plants because they’re well established and bring more than just a few buds to a garden. Some people will pay crazy prices to get a mature tree planted into a new garden. If not, get planning as soon as possible and in a few years, your garden will be all the more desirable.

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Doors & Windows

If you require any personal advice or recommendations, please speak to an independent qualified financial adviser. Us Brits love our kitchens, and it’s perhaps no surprise that they came top of the list for adding value to our homes. Royal London found that a new kitchen can add £11,160 to the price of an average home costing £274,615. LT Property Maintenance offers a range of property and garden services. Located in Essex, we have been providing professional services to our… Miss Daly’s brick driveway was looking tired, and weeds were growing through.

Added bathrooms that are too small to fit into and narrow kitchens where you can’t open more than one cupboard at a time are some of the worst offenders. Any extension or major change you make within your home should be carefully thought out for practicality. Swimming pools are definitely a niche home improvement, but if you’re looking to make alterations simply to add value, we recommend staying clear of this one. Connecting both the indoor and outdoor space together in this way can make rooms feel more spacious, brighter and allows access to the garden for indoor-outdoor living. According to The Telegraph having an en suite or extra bathroom can add nearly 5% to your home’s value. Open Plan Kitchen – Knocking down a wall between a kitchen and dining room is probably one of the most effective walls to bring down.

Disabled Facilities Grants

We work with local authorities and partner agencies to help older homeowners, disabled people, those on low incomes and many others to retain their independence. We also provide a paid for service which can carry out private works to your home. This is a really great local supplier, called in and was able to get same day delivery. As the summer fades into memory, insulation may be the last thing on your mind. The resin bound surface is perfect for the two seating areas and, together with the artificial grass, is a maintenance-free solution. We transformed this garden with a resin bound border and artificial grass in Bedfordshire.

Adding extra windows will not only make a room brighter and nicer, but it will make a room feel bigger. Roof windows are also a great way to do this, as well as sun tunnels. They quite often don’t need planning permission and pre-fabricated designs often mean quick installation and little hard labour. Bedrooms – The more bedrooms, the higher value your property will have. If you can do a double-storey extension and add an additional bedroom, you’ll definitely benefit. Generally, the bigger an extension is, the more value it will add.

Put your mind at rest with an easy to reach Surestop button that’ll turn off your water in seconds should you need to. Book a free consultation appointment with one of our expert engineers and they’ll give you a fixed price, non obligatory quote for the job. It’s important to know the value of your street and whether there is a ceiling price. You should gain inspiration from neighbours as to what they’ve done and ensure your budgets are in-line with the value of the house. Garage extensions are one thing, but turning a part of the house into a garage is another.