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Similarly, laminate or vinyl flooring can prove an inexpensive option for your new bathroom, from around £22 per sq. Tiling can be quite a time-consuming task and the overall cost depends massively on the surface area you wish to cover. For example, if you choose bathroom tiles for specific areas (e.g. exclusively around the shower area and bath), you make some significant savings. However, a fully tiled bathroom, including all 4 walls and flooring, will cost significantly more and take longer.

This can necessitate repairs such as mold removal and plumbing upgrades. Digital showers, shower towers, columns and cabins all offer a luxury showering experience, with a multitude of sprays and jets — at a cost of course, from £250 upwards. Your bathroom flooring has to look good, suit your chosen fittings but also most importantly has to stand up to water, humidity and be slip resistant. To buy enough caulk to cover your whole bathroom should cost somewhere in the range of £5 to £25. These types of showers reduce water usage while maintaining an acceptable level of water flow. These types of showers combine hot and cold water supplies available to achieve the preferred temperature.

Depending on the quality and condition of your existing bathroom, there are lots of up-cycling options which could help you save on the cost of your bathroom renovation. Bathroom furniture comes in all shapes, sizes, colours and finishes, with prices to suit just about any budget. If you require additional storage space, vanity units start from just over £100 and mirror cabinets are available from around the same price point. If you’d like to add a back to wall toilet unit, this can be bought for less than £65.

What About Waste And Bathroom Removal Costs?

While using up little space, these baths can add an appearance of luxury to your bathroom and enable more walking room around it. They have a shorter depth than a typical toilet, making them a great choice for smaller bathrooms where space is limited. The price for final fixtures and fittings will largely depend on how many pieces you want to add to your new bathroom. In this section, we break down the cost to install a new bathroom for each stage of the project.

However, should you choose to have a vanity unit fitted, this will involve plumbing, adding to the overall cost. Then there’s the fact that all bathrooms and tastes are different, so really, you need a completely bespoke budget for your bathroom before you can commit. Then add 10%-20% contingency to cover you for any extra costs you didn’t foresee. Vanities are often the key design feature in a bathroom, so it pays to invest some time and money and find one that you really like.

If you are a bath person, then it’s worth investing in a steel enamel bath which is great quality, easy to clean and will retain the heat for a long soak. However, if you only occasionally use the bath then buying an acrylic bath is a good alternative. Victoria Plum Limited is a company registered in England and Wales, and offers products from a range of finance providers, acting as a credit broker and not the lender.

  • You could also consider what you could do by yourself – as a big chunk of a new bathroom cost is paying for the installation.
  • An entry-level model costs anywhere from around $1,500 to $2,000, off the shelf.
  • Size does matter, but how much often depends on what type of bathroom you are renovating.
  • Over time, you’re likely going to need to have parts of your bathroom repaired.
  • There’s nothing worse than the sound of a dripping faucet to keep you from a peaceful night’s slumber.

You’ll receive inspirational ideas and advice for your home renovation. For a small budget go for plastic instead of expensive copper piping. A carpenter will need to adjust the timber framing and reline your walls. The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in any house, and with our practical tips and tricks, you will be able to turn yours into your vision without breaking the bank. Those who have a smaller budget can polish, clean and upgrade their fittings. Meanwhile, those with a bigger budget can add premium fittings and other luxurious elements.

How Much Does The Average Bathroom Renovation Cost?

Investing in good quality and sturdy taps will last far longer than cheaper ones, although they may save money in the short run. Cheap taps and showers will not be particularly hardwearing and you may find they are more prone to leaking. Items such as wall hung toilets might look amazing, but again will be costly to buy and fit, so consider a standard toilet which will be far more cost effective. The bathroom below from the home of @moditional_home has had a huge makeover which included repainting and stencilling the floor tiles. Many renovators find DIY jobs such as tiling, panelling and painting straightforward and enjoy being involved in the work. So if you fancy learning a new skill then you could help save on some of the labour costs, as well as having the satisfaction of carrying out some of the work yourself.

All fixtures also need to be secured to the floor or walls. Long seats are more comfortable, but regular seats take up less space in smaller bathrooms. There are many options when it comes to remodeling a shower. Choosing between a prefabricated shower kit, a shower-tub combination or a custom walk-in shower will play a large part in the cost of the remodeling job. Simply adding new shower tiles can have a large impact on a shower’s appearance without a large price tag. In remodeling a bathroom, there are many factors to consider.

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, you may be overwhelmed by the variety of bathtubs and showers available on the market. A pre-made tub / shower combo that essentially slides into the available space is an extremely popular option. It is efficient, less expensive to install, and usually costs a few hundred dollars. Naturally, this also depends on the size, but when it comes to an inexpensive option, this is the way to go. PVC wall panels and vinyl flooring represent the best value and quality. Moreover, these can be replaced easily and cost less to maintain.