Thinking of Good Business Ideas

You’ll also need to have a range of equipment such as gravel cleaners and nets. The poop scoop business only works with a large repeat customer base . A nice addition to your revenue scheme could be consolidating this waste and selling it to farmers as fertiliser (you’ll need to check the mix required). To start martial arts instructing, you’ll need a high level of skill in a particular martial art, find a flexible space to rent and have the training pads/flooring necessary to martial arts training.

  • It is a good idea to test your products to find out if the quality is acceptable, whether the price is right and if the selling location is appropriate.
  • You might just want to consider becoming a virtual assistant for a company.
  • Running a business from home can be cheaper and more convenient than hiring a premises, but there are rules you need to follow such as registering with HMRC and checking if you need to pay business rates.
  • The demand for soft drinks continues to rise, as companies like Coca-Cola make a killing .

Do your research, only then can you be reasonably certain that sufficient customers will buy from you at the prices you need to charge so that you can generate enough profit. Section a separate piece of paper into two and list all the products and services that interest you or for which you think there may be a gap in the market, both in your personal and business life. The process of coming up with a business idea can be quite overwhelming. But every idea, no matter how small or silly, is useful, as it can result in other ideas. Carry around a notebook and write down ideas as they come to you. Time and cost will obviously be an educated guess, but the more thoroughly you think it through, the closer you’ll get to actual numbers.

Protecting your business idea

Many people think that as long as there is demand for a product or service, then it is a good idea. This is partly true; however, you also need to find the right idea for you. Pet grooming is as essential to owners as their own grooming habits. You can definitely make money by setting yourself up in this industry, so establish yourself as the go-to groomer in your town or city with a salon setup at home.

You’ll also need to have access to a park or location you can use . There’s very little upfront equipment cost with this business, it is really all about your skill and time. To get started as a tour guide, you’ll need to have specialist knowledge of the area you plan to take tourists around and setup predefined routes/information to provide on the tour. You’ll also need to have a Blue Badge qualification and put in place the necessary public liability insurance. First aid training is also advisable so that you can provide necessary aid in the event someone becomes ill on one of your tours. To get started as a personal stylist, you’ll need a background/expertise in fashion, makeup and an impeccable eye for superficial detail .

Complete Surveys and Offers

Blogging is one of the first business models to arise from the invention of the internet. Blogs are online magazines in a niche that people read for advice, information and resources. The small goodtimebob.coms covered above can even be combined in a variety of ways to start a business that’s uniquely yours. If the idea of sourcing, storing, and shipping inventory kept you from starting a business before, begin with an inventory-free, low-cost business model and grow from there.

Social Media Manager

You may however need to hire help for events and acquire portable tables/buffet items. Did you know you can rent a market stall at the world-famous Camden Market for as little as £15 a day? Upwards of 500,000, Londoners and tourists visit the market every week, that’s a lot of potential customers.

As you expand, you can approach large businesses and carry out corporate investigation work, i.e. thorough background checking employees. This business works in both the residential and commercial markets, with demand from private homeowners and businesses alike. On the upper side of the market it’s a pretty awesome business, get paid to hang out in a mansion while the owners are on holiday… a fully stocked fridge and a king-size bed, happy days! To market this business, you should reach out to family, friends and social network, beyond that its about word of mouth and digital marketing if desired (i.e. PPC). Given that businesses and individuals only move on average every seven years, this business in the short term is very much about constantly acquiring new customers.