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They always turned up on time and the site was kept clear and fenced. Throughout, the workmen proceeded in a very professional manner keeping the disturbance to us to an absolute minimum. Wall Coating on the exterior of a property is a long-lasting and maintenance-free way to protect its structural integrity. And with dozens of available colours, can add personality and character, too. Mrs Ives in Hitchin wanted to transform her patchy garden and was “pleased to see the tree trunk being removed” as part of the her artificial grass installation. Indulge in life’s simple pleasures with new ways to make your bath water softer and your showers more luxurious.

Your local authority will have its own rules about the conditions you must meet in order to get help. For example, its rules might say you can’t get a grant if your savings are over a certain limit. Although your local authority can have its own rules, there are certain things that it must or must not do when it provides help with home improvements. Your local authority must have rules about help with home improvements, but it can’t have rules which are completely rigid or unreasonable. For example, it can’t say it will never give any grants, and it must take your individual circumstances into account if you apply for help.

Much like repositioning furniture, sometimes that’s all you need to get the most out of a room. Knocking down walls is a great way to open up internal space and make the house appear bigger. Whilst you may lose a set room, you’ll gain more light, more actual space and it often makes the house flow better. Property Price Advice has lots of good information if you’re considering one. According to Phil Spencer, a decent conservatory can add up to 7% value to your home. The design of a conservatory should be carefully thought about, particularly for retaining heat.

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The catalyst for the series’ name change was to represent the aspect of fixing problems within the family and home life, as well as the use of mechanics and tools. Once the second phase of the pilot was produced, with all the actors that made the final cut into the series , Tim Taylor’s Hammer Time became Tool Time. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.

  • Vinyl windows coupled with the right glazing and spacers will significantly boost your home’s overall thermal performance.
  • It has resulted in the SRN product range being developed to cope with everything the climate could throw at it.
  • Property experts say if you can only afford to tackle one room in the house, it should definitely be the kitchen.
  • We look to discuss the length of time a job may take and the disruption it may cause, so you can plan in advance.
  • This means that if you have a house worth a lot more than the average, then these home improvements may add even more value.

Crossin Property Services was established in 1960 and has been providing reliable building and property maintenance for many years. Check out this beautiful period property we are working on today, with its own well!! Over the next week we will be cleaning and repairing the exterior walls, then applying our textured wall coating to protect the walls and keep them in tip top condition. Best Flat Roofing Cambridge service We provide flat roofing Cambridge services for all hou… The solid roof allows us to use the room during hot weather, plus we have the added benefit of extra light from the full length skylights.


This is particularly important when selling, as it will appeal to prospective buyers and help achieve the maximum value from your home. Damaged walls, ugly artex ceilings and outdated colour schemes can age and devalue your home. Replastering a room and painting with a fresh coat of modern emulsion can bring a house into the 21st century. You should make sure to choose the right type of floor for the purpose of the room; for example, reception rooms should be durable and easy to maintain. It doesn’t have to be expensive, and there are so many easy DIY options out there if you’re on a budget.

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Anderson did reprise the role of Lisa on the sixth-season finale episode “The Kiss and the Kiss-Off”, which aired on May 20, 1997. Tool Time was conceived as a parody of the PBS home-improvement show This Old House. Tim and Al are caricatures of the two principal cast members of This Old House, host Bob Vila and master carpenter Norm Abram. Al Borland has a beard and always wears plaid shirts when taping an episode, reflecting Norm Abram’s appearance on This Old House.