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Verizon’s early experiments show speeds 30 to 50 times faster than the current 4G network – enough to download a high definition film in a few seconds. Elsewhere South Korea hopes its wireless carriers can deploy a trial 5G network for the Winter Olympics in 2018, and Japan is hoping to have a robust 5G network in place for the 2020 summer games. The phone market is now so crowded, manufacturers will increasingly be looking for new features to stand out. Better resolution screens may be important if smartphone driven VR headsets start to take off.

A research project that started by automatically generating baseball game recaps has developed more than a decade of research into a company called Narrative Science, with robot reporters writing forecasts for A question the human reporter might ask when looking the data is ‘who has committed the most serious offence? The journalist might also comb through the list of occupations, looking more closely at a minister, mayor or actor. “Never a dull moment” – exploring journalism careers Tsvetelina Stancheva, second-year BA Journalism student, reports on a visit from the Camden New Journal’s Dan Carrier. London Met students awarded Venice Fellowships The Fellowships are part of an initiative from the British Council, which offer students the opportunity to live and work in Venice during the annual Biennale. London Met professors attend prestigious Data Science International Summer School Professor Vassil Vassilev and Dr Viktor Sowinski-Mydlarz were invited to learn and share at a major industry summer school earlier this July.

These groups can come up with tools, approaches, and habits that could help people—if they reach them,” he says. “But the reach of a technology center at Harvard University is pretty limited in the overall scope of things.” “Online services are like hydras, if you fix one problem, another one often emerges,” James Mickens, a professor of computer science at Harvard, explains in a statement. “We’ve definitely seen that, and we haven’t figured out how to maximise the good and minimise the bad. That’s what I think of when I hear ‘reboot social media’.” Part of the new institute’s work will be to strengthen these benefits of increased online communication, while minimising its harmful parts.

Prof Marija Vranic wins the 2022 PRACE Ada Lovelace Award for HPC

We have announced the availability of two new off-the-shelf in-vehicle tablet and dock solutions. Making use of our strategic partnerships, we have specified Professional and Enterprise packages to provide mobile workforces with tablet technology that… This acquisition, coupled with our experience in end-to-end industrial applications, will create one of the world’s most powerful and disruptive range of computers for embedded, edge… Amelia Tayloris a graduate of the School of Museum Studies, University of Leicester (‘20) where she specialized in heritage studies.

  • (Newman et al., 2016) shows that in the UK and France bulletins have lost around 20% of their under-35s viewers in just two years.
  • The Los Angeles Times is not the only news outlet to publish stories written by robots.
  • As with many predictions reports there is a significant element of speculation, particularly around specifics and the paper should be read with this in mind.
  • Meanwhile Apple’s iOS 10 update increased the prominence of its previously underwhelming News app along with improved notifications.
  • Publishers force more people to sign-in/register for websites and apps as well as investing heavily in data to help deliver more personalised content and messaging.

“The ‘gamification’ and addictive response of social media is something that’s really hard to disrupt.” There’s no doubt social media for instance, opens-up access to vast amounts of knowledge, valuable self-governed communities, and flourishing cultural movements. The Laboratory enables you to undertake practical work assignments using facilities that you would find in the modern digital media industry. Hackathon and Computing Society and Film Society are just a few that you can join to get involved in events, workshops and social sessions. Each society is led by a team of student volunteers, and you can join at any point throughout your time here.

Fingerprint readers on smartphones kick-started mainstream adoption of biometric security. Now these technologies are coming to computers with the Touch ID on the MacBook Pro and facial recognition available on PCs with Windows Hello and the appropriate 3D imaging cameras. In the future we’ll be able to log on to any website or app by just looking at the screen, confining those irritatingly forgettable passwords to history. AI may help journalists but also open up the possibility of automated content farms and make the problem of fake news even worse.

Justine Kibler, Lecturer in journalism

For so-called digital natives, this may be palatable; for older people, it is the disturbing end of something we thought was forever. As one of the ten most-visited sites, it is a godsend for lazy students, instant gratification for sudden questions, and a reliable source of news, most of the time. This has caused a number of temporary, fictitious reports on Bruce Springsteen, Maggie Thatcher, and Barack Obama’s inauguration. It also has to maintain its authority as other competitors, like Citizendium and Google, try to stake their claim.

Around 95% answered most questions although the response rates varied between different questions. Additional open-ended questions were asked around key challenges and opportunities. The explosion of information and new platforms makes it harder than ever for journalists to keep up with the news. SamDesk and Dataminr are increasingly deployed in newsrooms to pinpoint and manage breaking news in social networks. These systems increasingly provide alerts based on network analysis and the speed at which content is being spread. Intelligent bots are being integrated within systems like Slack to alert groups of journalists about new developments on a moving story.

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Since people are already accustomed to reading digital versions, and some appreciate the lack of advertising, they will pay a subscription fee just as they pay for books. Few will pay hundreds of dollars for an e-reader with access to only one newspaper, so newspapers will have to work out a split of revenues with the e-reader seller. But ultimately, people may read more newspapers and magazines simply because the platform is so convenient.