Renovations are divided into 3 categories

Renovations are divided into 3 categories, what are they?

The renovations are classified into three 13 groups. This category is important to you since there are so many variables in a home repair and renovation project.

The following are redecoration categories and examples:

Light Changing the paint color

In addition, changing the door leaf or frame, adding openings, changing floor tiles, and repairing electrical or water installations are examples of light-scale renovations. Generally, this light-scale renovation takes a day to work up to a maximum of seven working days.

Medium renovations Changing the fence

Changing the facade, increasing the area of ​​a certain room, adding rooms, and making a terrace or pergola are included in the type of moderate renovation. Medium-scale renovation work takes between seven and fourteen working days, although this timeframe will depend largely on the volume and amount of labor involved in carrying out the work.

Total makeover Changing the total layout of the building, making roof decking, replacing the roof, and all light and moderate renovation work carried out simultaneously on the entire house is included in the category of total renovation. Obviously, a complete renovation would take at least two weeks, if not months.

We can group the types of renovations into four parts as follows:

  1. Makeover of the structure/form of the building.
  2. the materials.
  3. the layout.
  4. Renovation of appearance/style/function.

Meanwhile, renovations based on the part/element of the house can be grouped into:

  1. the fence.
  2. the facade/facade.
  3. Renovation of pergola and carport.
  4. the living room.
  5. the family room.
  6. Bedroom renovation.
  7. Renovate the bathroom.
  8. Kitchen renovation.
  9. Floor renovation.
  10. Makeover of the addition of the number of rooms.
  11. Renovation of widening a room.
  12. Renovation of additional floors/deck.

Hopefully, the explanations and brief descriptions on this web page (even though the meaning is not so complete and comprehensive) can help and answer your questions regarding the meaning of the word “renovation”