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These sorts of directories remain useful for local domestic, consumer and household products and services suppliers, but their usefulness is fast declining, and in many sectors traditional printed directories are hardly used by customers. Generally telemarketing ‘scripts’ are not a good idea for high quality propositions, nor for professional business-to-business campaigns. A good telemarketing agency will work best by developing their own approach to meet the broad requirements of a project ‘brief’ and an outline of what you want to achieve, and how you want to achieve it. The press release is the most under-rated form of advertising. Because it’s free, and moreover press editorial is perceived by the audience to be true, whereas advertising of all almost all other types is seen as ‘oh no another advert’ and therefore implies uncertainty or scepticism.

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  • Without great art direction, and best-in-class production techniques, you’ll never realise the full potential of a creative idea.
  • Get information about the media you’re considering – particularly figures for the audience or readership and how close they are to your target market.
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  • A great way to increase your profile and connect with local businesses and the community.

With our extensive media expertise, we’ll give you an advertising schedule to suit your budget and timeline. Using the correct mix of media channels and advert frequency, you’ll hit your audience every time. If you want an advertising agency that can prove it, you’re in the right place.

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The key to success is to ensure you have a clear goal and target audience. Once you know what you want to achieve and who you’re selling to, there are plenty of low-cost marketing and advertising techniques that will help you achieve your goals without breaking the bank. Marketing and advertising are inseparable, we need marketing to build the company’s reputation, and then advertising goes out and tells people what they need that a company can provide. Understanding the two is crucial for developing a consistent patron base and growing your business. There is a lot of information and strategy development involved in curating and implementing a marketing plan. Contact The Miner Agency to streamline your marketing strategy and maximize your sales.

Publishing content online is a great way to increase your profile – but it should be high quality and offer value to your target audience. The aim of your content should be to build trust and position your brand as an authority in your industry. If you aim to treat it purely as a free advertisement channel and focus too much on salesy messages, you’ll turn people off. Inserts, in the form of leaflets, brochures, or other material, are provided by the advertiser to the publication, to be sent out with the magazine or newspaper.

N.B. Before the internet, thereactiveaspect of PR was of little concern to small businesses, whereas the reactive aspect of PR has always been an extremely significant consideration for large businesses. Above all, appreciate thateverything you do in business has an advertising effect- far beyond isolated advertising methods and campaigns. So ensure that everything you do is of great quality and integrity. Then the need to measure specific advertising activities, indeed the need to advertise at all, will become far less.

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Some of these can be very cost-effective in generating new customers. Older people tend to use printed directories more than youngsters. Consider this in terms of your own products, services and target audience.

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Billboards, vehicle wraps, digital displays, and street furniture are all fair game in B2B advertising. Especially on routes to industrial parks, conference centres and airports. With Intermedia’s brand positioning process, our capability to craft messages with award-winning creativity, and production quality second-to-none, your adverts will build brand awareness – rapid.