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We have an extensive range of kitchen door handles available for you to choose from to compliment your new kitchen doors. Our services will cost you about 50% less than starting from scratch and fitting a totally new kitchen. From design to installation plus all the finishing touches, we have everything you need to create your new kitchen. For more inspiration on how to turn your dream kitchen into a reality, take a look at our expert design guides. From storage ideas to kitchen layout tips, we have you covered. Choose a range and house style, then experiment by clicking between a variety of colours and styles to plan your space.

Others do charge a fee that is redeemable if you decide to buy the kitchen from them. Pinterest and Houzz are great sites for pinning your favourite design inspirations to help inform your project and keep referring back to. Likewise, Instagram has an endless array of people undergoing live kitchen refurbishments from which you can steal design, layout and product inspiration. If you need agassupply, floorboards will in all likelihood need to be lifted, or channels made in concrete floors. None of this is impossible, but will undoubtedly add to costs that would not be incurred if you chose to keep your kitchen in the same spot. If you are planning torelocateappliances or the sink, ensure that the services will work with the new arrangement.

Build In A Dining Nook

That’s the flexibility you get when you’re in control of the process. Choose your light fixtures thoughtfully, stock up on drawer pulls that bring out the best in your cabinets, and bring some crown molding into your space. Once you’ve knocked out the biggest items on your to-do list, take a good, long look at your space—and work your way from top to bottom as you figure out what details need to come next. If you’re looking for an easy way to add functionality to your space, consider building in a wraparound bar or transforming the bar you already have. This can increase the counter space you have to play with, and if you’re willing to buy a few new barstools, it can increase your seating capacity, too. When reimagining your kitchen, look for inspiration everywhere—not just in other kitchens.

  • Think about the space that extends above your countertops or around your backsplash, and consider whether it deserves a tune-up of its own.
  • The design, materials, brand and more will all impact the exact cost of your kitchen.
  • There’s more to a kitchen than cupboards and doors; it’s the heart of your home.

In fact, the beauty of a renovation is that you get to customize your space however you want to—so feel free to have a little fun with your layout. Take inspiration from Swedish kitchens with these tips to create a more sustainable, inclusive and inviting space to cook and entertain in. Find out how interiors blogger Cate created an open-plan, Scandinavian-style kitchen that’s the life and soul of any gathering. A new touch of paint, updating hardware and a couple of new appliances are the easiest way to do so. Kitchen paint ideas can guide you to update your kitchen in an extremely cost-effective way. Besides giving your kitchen a new look, these appliances are bound to give you the ‘hands-on’ change you deserve.

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They are usually of geometric forms and they contain little or no ornamentation or adornments. It’s highly advised that you get your kitchen company to provide a detailed breakdown of costs. This should include any surcharges relating to removals, electrics, plumbing, painting, flooring, etc. so that you can trim your budget accordingly.

A large L-shaped kitchen with Very simple furniture is used. No ornamentation or exterior models are imprinted for the sake of simplicity. A farmhouse design with a woodland kitchen and has earthy tones which give a natural vibe. A sealer is used to fill the pores below the stone’s surface. A farmhouse theme like the one below will transform your kitchen into a rustic country paradise.