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A growing number of people are searching for colours such as ‘sage green,’ ‘duck egg blue,’ and ‘mustard yellow,’ suggesting that we’ll see far more interesting colour combinations for walls and furniture when homes need a lick of paint. ‘It is always in the best interest of a homeowner to purchase specialist insurance when carrying out renovation works to their home,’ says James Vaughan, development underwriter at specialist insurer Hiscox. We hold your hand through initial idea, design, planning and all the way to completion. We know that as important as quality is keeping to time and budget and we will always do everything we can to do both. Building work is always going to be challenging but we will always do everything we can to make it as stress free as we can,by appointing a project manager to oversee every step of the renovation. So understand the supplier’s processing time, from purchase to delivery, and be aware that some components might actually have to be ordered months before you need them.


A great place to start when you’re examining the costs of your home renovation project is by looking at the size of the task at hand. A roof replacement project is estimated to cost you between £4,250-£7,250 and take between three days and a week to complete. Each home renovation project is unique and guided by the desires and visions of the homeowners themselves. For that reason, we can’t offer you a single, all-encompassing figure for the cost of your home renovation project. The aim when looking for a property to renovate is to find one that isn’t in a condition that will require very serious work, or even rebuilding.

There Are Several Different Types Of Renovation That You Might Carry Out And This Is Our Guide To Some Of Them:

Metal shutters can be rented, or sheets of plywood used to board up windows and doors. Waterproof sheets can be used to secure missing or damaged roof sections. A measured survey, and the preparation of scale drawings may be required if the building is to be remodelled or extended. Properties may also be found by word of mouth, or simply by keeping your eyes open when passing buildings.

Conversely, it is important not to spend money on misguided works that actually reduce the value of the property. Often people can make the mistake of ordering too few materials in the process of trying to keep costs down. Very often, renovation projects are sold at auction, go to sealed bids, or are settled on best or final offers.

In an effort to modernize its decades-old buildings, Boston school officials are planning to renovate or replace a South End elementary school and are moving forward with a new elementary school in East Boston after years of delays. If you’re able to undertake these jobs and get them out the way, then it’s a really good way to keep costs down as it means the contractor can simply turn up and get straight to work. Depending on the job, it is sometimes cheaper to purchase the supplies yourself so that you’re only considering labour costs instead of asking the contractor to also source the supplies for you.

  • Improved cane-supply conditions in turn depend upon the renovation of plantations with new sowings and the restoration of an appropriate agestructure of ratoons.
  • One of the best feelings for a home renovation is painting a room the perfect shade that you’ve had your eye on.
  • Make sure to get specific and find out every detail about what is being included in the price that is being offered to you.
  • Have an in-depth plan of what you want to achieve in every room and consider the order the work should be completed to make sure your project doesn’t end up taking more time.

Garage conversions are likely to cost between £4,995-£7,500 and take between three to four weeks to complete. More energy-efficient windows are likely to cost you more money on the initial purchase and this is somewhat unavoidable. However, the money you save in the long run due to their superb efficiency is a great reason to invest in them, as well as increasing the market value of the property. Windows in a property play a large role in not only keeping the house secure from exposure to harsh weather, but also in the overall aesthetic appearance of the property. If the windows in your property are damaged, you may still want to avoid replacing them entirely, particularly if they are an appealing feature of an older building.

Renovation Process

Most importantly, we know that some tradespeople and companies don’t have a homeowner’s best interest at heart when it comes to household renovations. We analyse the length of time it usually takes to have the home renovation project completed and what factors are likely to increase the project time or could present possible disruptions. This way you can feel confident that you know how to keep the job running as smoothly as possible with as little disruption to daily life as possible whilst the renovation is underway. A bathroom suite that has been installed incorrectly could need several repairs down the line and this could end up costing you more money in the long run.

How Can I Save Money When Renovating My Home?

Lead times are important with any product – some take longer to manufacture than others, or just aren’t held in stock, so be aware of these things when you’re specifying. Remember that bespoke items always take longer to produce than standard sized, off-the-shelf products. Saying that, a bit of seasonality sense can be factored into your plans – if you’re digging in January you’re likely to face more problems than if you’re doing the same job in June. In Santa Fe, where I’ve lived for more than 20 years, I’ve renovated three old houses—“dumpitos,” a realtor friend called them—in a historic neighborhood. The work-from-home trend, meanwhile, boosted Home Depot, as homeowners renovated, repaired, and traded up to make the best of their round-the-clock domestic surroundings.