How To Renovate A House renovation

There are quite a few different types of extensions that might catch your eye and the best type for you largely depends on the type of property you own or are looking to purchase and the amount of additional living space you want to be added. The choices you will make will, however, impact the final cost of the project. More common and easily sourced materials will cost less than higher grade or exotic materials, though you may sometimes run into issues of quality if you consistently choose the cheapest material. If you are planning to do a particularly large home renovation, do take into account the differences between each room of the house. For example, the work you may need to do for your bathroom will be dramatically different from the work you could require for a living room or kitchen.

If you need more room or light or to increase the value of your home an extension is a superb idea. Renovation or any building work will only ever be as good as the team executing it. Always make sure you check out the contractor whom you want to do the work, thoroughly. We can show you photos of past projects and answer any questions you might have. A conversion can be the answer to making more space without the upheaval of moving home. We all know that energy costs are always going up and that is a trend that is not likely to change.

Conversion Insurance

We can cover your main home and all the new works for the duration of your extension project. Trade associations are also a good way to find qualified tradespeople you know you can trust, as the associations are governed with rules and guidelines they expect their members to adhere to. All HouseholdQuotes’ listings have been vetted and reputable so you can have peace of mind that you won’t be dealing with any rogue traders or contractors who are a little bit below belt with their practices. This is due to the plumbing and rewiring that will likely need to be carried out to make the garage fit for purpose. Due to its expensive nature, it’s tempting to put off plumbing work, but when dealing with water that is used in and out of the home it’s important to try and get any faulty plumbing dealt with as soon as you can. If you’ve closely examined the windows and found that the damage is extensive and causing severe problems, then you probably need to consider having the windows replaced.

  • There are several lenders that offer renovation-specific mortgages with only small cash deposits required.
  • Homeowners often renovate their homes to increase the re-sale value and to turn a profit when selling.
  • This is when everything that goes on behind the scenes to make your home run smoothly is installed.
  • Properties may also be found by word of mouth, or simply by keeping your eyes open when passing buildings.
  • Do your own research into what is likely to require planning permission or approval from Building Regulations and make sure you’ve got this all-in hand before beginning any work.

For many people, that gave us the chance to really appreciate our home, and fall in love with our inside space all over again. Whether it’s the slower pace of life or the extra cash in our pockets as a result of missing out on holidays and nights out that has let us truly take stock of our homes, a huge number of Brits are carrying out home improvements. You can buy renovation insurance from a specialist insurer or broker online. As with any type of insurance, be sure to shop around and compare your options. We get it, planning an extension, designing a new kitchen or installing a new bathroom can be a daunting experience. At Renovation Planner, we hope to make the experience as smooth as possible so you get to enjoy your home as soon as possible.

Why You Should Choose Us For Your Renovation

With all extensions, whether you’re thinking of getting a bungalow extension or a two-storey extension, you need to have consulted with your local planning authority beforehand. It’s a great idea to use an extension calculator to help you figure out your costs and source quotes from a range of different professionals to help you get started. Extensions are a much-loved home renovation project, as they not only add additional rooms and more living space to your property but also have the potential of increasing the overall property value. HouseholdQuotes’ guide to extension costs, is a useful read to help you understand all the cost factors involved in adding an extension to your property. A home renovation project is highly personal and deeply rewarding, but it does require a substantial amount of research and insight into home development and renovation.

It’s a good idea to consider investing in higher quality worktops and appliances when installing a new kitchen as they will be used daily, and you’ll want to be sure that whatever you purchase has the durability to last. This will increase the final cost of the project, but it could potentially save you from needing to pay for repairs or replacements of lower quality appliances that will not last you as long. Prices for kitchens can be incredibly expensive, particularly if you’re thinking of installing higher quality appliances. This means it’s a really good idea to set your budget for a new kitchen before you begin planning.