How To Cut The Cost Of Your Bathroom Renovation bathroom remodel cost

In this section, we cover the installation and labour cost you should expect to pay for your new bathroom in the UK. For instance, porcelain tiles might cost £20 to £30 per m², while rubber flooring usually costs between £30 and £60 per m². It is important that you know what your intentions are for your bathroom remodeling project.

  • Buying former showroom fittings can be a great way to bag a bargain.
  • There are two main types of underfloor heating, known commonly as wet and dry styles.
  • Electric showers are more complex versions of mixer showers – whereby an electronically powered heating element warms up the water.
  • Not only are they cheaper to buy, but they are also much easier to install.

Turn the main water supply off and drain the central heating system. Lay down floor protection for all areas leading to the bathroom and remove all bathroom fixtures. Ensure that all redundant electric wiring and pipes are removed, tiles are stripped and the walls repaired and prepared for new cladding. Most plumbers will complete a bathroom renovation in about two to three days. It will depend on the size of your bathroom and the amount of work required. Our labour estimator for a bathroom renovation won’t be the same throughout the UK.

Budget floor tiles should cost about £25 per square meter. For mid-range floor tiles, you’ll be paying about double this, while top-end tiles can cost up to £65 per square meter. Installation takes 1 to 5 days, depending on the coverage required. There’s a wide variety of options for bathroom fittings and choosing products with higher quality comes at a price.

How To Keep Bathroom Fitting Costs Down

To make space for these spacious luxuries, it is often necessary to change the layout of an existing bathroom and possibly even to extend its size. Rain dumpers can now be recessed into the ceiling so they are completely flush. Some models come with built-in LED light strips that will lift your spirits even on the worst of days.

@atnumberfourteen_shows how you can combine tiles and paint to create contrast and style in the bathroom. Simple metro tiles look wonderful around the toilet and sink area, with the upper walls painted in a deep green. Painting a sink vanity is a great way to bring an old piece of furniture up to date and help save on the cost of the bathroom renovation. The bathroom costs and job times stated above should only be used as a rough guide. If you’re removing bathroom tiles from your current bathroom or simply wish to prepare your surfaces, plastering is an important part of a bathroom refurb. It adds strength to your walls and ensures they are nice, smooth and level.

Bathroom Suite Installation Cost

If there are significant alterations to the existing plumbing layout, the cost for plumbing services can mount from £700 to £900. According to Forbes, it costs $10,000, on average, to remodel a bathroom. The price ranges from $2,500 for a budget project to upwards of $30,000 for a high-end remodel. Costs are a lot lower for small bathrooms, while they’re higher for bathrooms with a lot of fixtures. Whatever the size of your bathroom or the extent of the remodeling required, planning your remodel in phases always makes it a much simpler undertaking.

Choosing the right bathroom suite, along with your shower, taps, furniture and accessories is vital, especially if you’re working to a specific budget. The ‘hottest’ product on the market to keep bathrooms nice and warm is a hot water underfloor heating system. Using water to heat the floor is one of the healthiest and most comfortable ways to heat a room. As a more common and mainstream option, electric underfloor heating systems are also widely available.