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We saw poured concrete flooring and oak kitchen cabinets in Peckham Rye, a serene and minimal open plan kitchen in Forest Hill and a bold black kitchen in Lambeth. The design rule here is that there really are no rules – the kitchen is the heart of a home and responds to each homeowner’s unique way of living. Whether you are having a new extension built, self-building a house, or renovating a property, you need to ensure building work meets current building regulations. The best way to plan a home renovation project is to spend plenty of time considering all the options for work. Any house renovation project requires sound planning but also a willingness to expect the unexpected.

Before embarking on your next renovation project read our ultimate guides and find out the things to look out for when hiring a reliable tradesperson and what you need to consider to ensure your project is a success. Once your property is stripped back and ready to be remodelled or any extension built, your builder or contractor will move on to what’s known as first fix jobs. If your budget doesn’t stretch to a full-on renovation like an extension or a new kitchen, don’t worry – there are plenty of inexpensive tasks you can complete to breathe new life into your home. You can always go and implement some timeless features that will look fresh and modern as the years go by. Instead of doing upgrades, you can consult an expert and get advice on how to obtain a timeless style and look of your house. Make sure you convert all the unused space into the purposefully adapted interior.

She and her husband decided to move from Dulwich, south London, to a house in the rolling Chiltern countryside, which is a completely beautiful property with some historic features dating back to the 17th century. When it comes down to it, renovations are expensive, time-consuming and can be incredibly stressful. The after-effect of a renovated home is usually always worth it but the renovation process can be testing.

Bedroom Renovation Ideas

The first thing people see when they arrive at your home is the front door. So, if it’s looking a little worse for wear, give it a bold lick of paint, or even consider replacing it. But as they are often the first space guests will walk into, they’re well worth putting the effort into when it comes to your own renovation. This bathroom is one of those small spaces, with a shower above the bath and little space to reconfigure.

  • When looking for a partner to help you find success with your remodel, make sure you choose a team with experience.
  • Investing in eco-friendly alternatives may look costly upfront, however, in the long run you’ll be saving a lot.
  • Plaster is an incredibly durable material, and once installed, it can last you a lifetime – but if you are prone to changing your mind, you can fake it with a plaster effect wallpaper.
  • Millennials are more likely to use credit cards than older generations, who can supplement their savings with cash from previous home sales.
  • House extensions can really help to enhance your existing home, adding extra space to expand and improve your home.
  • In the above before and after pictures, the owners of this 1940s property stripped back their home to its bare bones before creating a light, airy and stylish living room.

Whether you’re investing in a hardwearing quartz worktop or swayed by high-maintenance wood or marble, here’s a few tips on how to look after your new kitchen worktop. A successful building project relies on a good working partnership and open communication between you and your builder. Not only will keeping some things save you money, it could also help preserve the character of your property. However, that means there are often a few surprises lurking beneath floors or in walls – and these surprises could affect your budget. Your builder should honour any snagging issues and return to rectify them after the house has settled for a few weeks or months at no extra cost.

Taking the time upfront to research will pay dividends during the remodeling process, and you’ll be much happier with the end results. The 22 shortlisted projects threw up ample inspiration and ideas for our own homes, from bold colour combinations to cool Scandinavian schemes and an array of stylish kitchens. All potential value increases are estimations based on the value of the house you have inputted. Many people about to embark on an extension, renovation or home improvement project are left wondering whether or not they will need to apply for planning permission.

Adventurous colour combinations were a common theme throughout the shortlisted homes, no doubt reflecting a need to lift our spirits in an otherwise bleak year. This year’s winner, The House Recast, used a soft palette – salmon pink, light green and chalky blue – perfect for those who want to introduce colour in a warm and inviting way. Others, like The Mo-tel House in Dalston, designed by Office S&M, used joyful primary colours with abandon.

Thinking Of Buying A Colourful Sofa? Here’s What You Need To Know

If you decide to renovate your house and determine that constructing a bathroom upstairs is a budget-friendly option, then go for it. Another of the top house renovation benefits is making your home more eco-friendly. That’s because improving your home efficiency will result in a lower energy bill. One of the simplest measures you can take to start saving is to switch electricity suppliers if you find a better rate. ‘We ended up wasting money painting entire rooms the wrong colour – which was massively frustrating, and ate into our budget. Kat Molesworth, a producer of the International Women’s Podcast Festival, renovated her home in 2020.

This good-sized double bedroom already had two large windows allowing light into the space, so the owners focused their efforts on the décor. By making more of their smaller window and adding white units, but also keeping some dramatic contrast with dark worktops and an island, the kitchen has become a great family space. But with good planning and preparation, you can really put a fresh stamp on your home as well as making it more appealing to buyers should you decide to sell in the future.

Outdoor space has become one of the most important ‘must-haves’ for homeowners and buyers since the coronavirus lockdown. Renovating your property is a great way to not only make it feel more like home, but also add value.