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Awards provide inspiration and ideas for our own homes, from bold colour combinations to stylish kitchen updates. Our monthly email gives tips on how to live well and build better, including free tickets to some of the UK’s biggest home improvement shows. You may be considering whether to start or continue with building works at this time. Once the first fix stage is complete, your property’s walls will be ready for plastering and any floor screed will be laid. And if you’re thinking of using an architect to plan your renovation, now is the time to start contacting them.

  • As part of the planning phase, you should consider work you want to do yourself and what you’ll outsource to contractors and professionals.
  • Bedrooms are often the cheapest renovation projects to carry out – but that doesn’t make them any less impressive when done well.
  • So, you should consider renovating your home in order to change the overall style and impression it leaves.
  • The addition of white painted ceiling joists and whitewashed oak provides a muted backdrop for the homeowner’s furniture to stand out.
  • This bathroom is one of those small spaces, with a shower above the bath and little space to reconfigure.

But if you’re planning major work at your home, you should consider how you’ll deal with the disruption. The current Green Homes Grant scheme includes energy efficient doors, so you could replace yours with something more modern and save some money at the same time. So, the owner concentrated their efforts on a light colour scheme, quality fittings and plenty of storage, doing a fantastic job with a difficult space. Bedrooms are often the cheapest renovation projects to carry out – but that doesn’t make them any less impressive when done well. Making your property’s garden or exterior stand out can provide a great space for you to enjoy but will also be hugely appealing to buyers should you decide to sell.

However, the reality of doing a large-scale DIY project in your home if often quite different to the laughter-filled, paint-splattered cute montages we often see in the movies. Luckily, the pros will know how to handle these complex projects and will likely get them done quickly for you. Jumping around from one room to another will just prolong the renovation and leave multiple rooms unfinished at the same time. Your home is precious, so entrusting it’s care and safekeeping to someone else requires a leap of faith and a lot of trust. We handle every element of your project from the moment you decide you want to work with us to the moment you tell us you’re happy with the work that has been done.

You might feel bored after looking at the same setting for years, so some low-budget changes are always welcome. For example, if you’re a Pennsylvania resident looking for the cheapest electricity plans, you can compare providers and make the switch in order to start saving on your energy bill. Saving energy can be done by investing in quality insulation, doing second glazing on your windows and doors, a heat pump, and so on. The red alarm for renovation is raised every time there is a serious issue in your house, such as roof leaks, cracks in the walls, electrical problems, etc.

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The annual Houzz & Home survey is the largest survey of residential renovation, building and decorating activity published. The survey covers a wide range of renovation projects in 2020, from interior renovations and additions to home systems, exterior upgrades and outdoor projects. Data gathered includes historical and planned spends, professional involvement, motivations and challenges behind building, renovation and decorating projects, as well as planned activities for 2021. Alone, providing insights into the home improvement activity of the millions of users of the Houzz site and mobile apps. Two-thirds of homeowners made major changes to their kitchens, such as changing the layout of the kitchen and upgrading plumbing, electrical or heating . Two in five homeowners reframed, moved or added walls, and increased the size of the kitchen during renovations .

Renovating your home is always an easier option than selling it and buying a new property. This way you’ll avoid the stress of buying a new home and all the costs that are tied to it. Buying a better home may cost you way more than making your current house better with just some low-cost renovations. When one mentions house remodelling and renovating, half of you may feel excited.

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For all the very latest news and intelligence on the UK’s largest home improvement and garden retailers, sign up for the Insight DIY weekly newsletter. Enter your house value below to see which home renovations will bring you the biggest profit. Professional buildersjoin usto show their mark of quality to their customers. Making our homes more sustainable is an increasing concern for many of us, not only to do our bit for the environment but also to lower household bills and make our homes more comfortable to live in. Follow these top 10 tips to help you on your way to a more sustainable home.

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This point really depends on how long the renovations may take, and the extent of the work being done. This is particularly important if part of the reason for your renovation is to increase the value of your home. Lesley says that when overseeing a project it’s vital to be empowered to look into things yourself and really know what’s going on. ‘In June 2020, mid pandemic, we got the keys for our dream house,’ says Lesley Tischler, an elite netball coach who has spent the last few decades living in London.

Again, the owners of this home had a great space to work with but were struggling with a lack of natural light compounded by dark kitchen units. Kitchens really have become the heart of most people’s homes and the more open plan they are for most, the better. The owners made use the of the original fireplace, but added in additional doors, new flooring and windows, as well as decorating to bring more natural light into the room. In the above before and after pictures, the owners of this 1940s property stripped back their home to its bare bones before creating a light, airy and stylish living room. While older properties are often in need of renovation work, once completed they really do come back to life.