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Thank you to everyone for their engagement and contribution in the development of the scheme to date. We will soon be starting preparation work at the end of the month, which need to be completed in order for us to begin the main construction activities in January 2022. As restrictions have been lifted, we’ll also be running some face-to-face events in late October. The dates, timings and locations of the events will be advertised here on our project website and through our social media channels. Don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter on the right-hand side of this page to stay up to date with the project as construction begins. Businesses on Oad Street will be open as usualthroughout, but there will be no through route to the A249.

Some people with hoarding tendencies can gather an excessive number of items in their home and store them in a chaotic manner. Making Space supports people with clearing and organising which increases their well-being and makes their home safer. We have a huge range of stock available at our Home Independence Centre in Bristol which can support you to live independently in your own home. If we have identified that your home needs improvement works we will write to you letting you know what’s needed. These can be viewed in the Documents section below and are available for viewing in hard copy at Sittingbourne Library from 10 February 2020 until the start of the Public Inquiry.

  • We had a great response and would like to thank everyone who completed our survey and participated in our events.
  • You should receive our written approval prior to commencing any improvement works and keep all receipts, and forward these or copies to the association.
  • Please select an area to find out what is allowed and what will need permission.
  • Drivers passing under the M2 viaduct northbound on the A249 will see and hear this work as they drive through, as piling is a noisy activity.

This period usually last for 12 months from the property being completed. During this time, the company who built the property are liable for any snagging or repairs the property may need. If you’re looking to make changes to your home, we want to do all that we can to help, and it’s important tohave your change approved before you start anything.

If you rent your home and apply to your local authority for a disabled facilities grant, you’ll need to get your landlord’s permission before your local authority will agree to help you. However, your landlord must not refuse permission without a very good reason. If you need to make changes to your home because of your disability, your landlord should agree to this unless they have a good reason for not doing so. If your landlord doesn’t agree, this could be disability discrimination and they could be breaking the law.

Water For Building Works

Find out more about the Arle Court Transport Hub proposals and the A38/A4019 Coombe Hill Junction proposals. Provide safe access to services for the local community and including for users of sustainable transport modes within and to West and North-West Cheltenham. In addition, National Highways has also identified that significant growth planned for this area would require improvements to M5 Junction 10 to maintain the safe and efficient operation of the M5 corridor. We will continue to work closely with National Highways so that the construction of this much-needed improvements scheme works for all road users. Your letter of permission will say if fixtures and fittings you have installed can be removed when you move out.

The Orders and supporting documentation are still available to view online. As part of the process, we have written aStatement of Casewhich summarises the scheme, objections and representations and Highways England responses. To make sure you know what’s coming up, sign up to our project newsletter using the sign-up link below, we’ll also be providing regular updates on this page.

Our mini guides provide visual clarification of the permitted development rules for specific projects. Read our guidance about improving the interior and exterior of your home, how building regulations may apply to the changes you make and retrospective consents. Find out about your responsibilities and consider what you need to do before you start the build phase of your project.

We want you to make your home your own but you may need to get approval before you make any improvements. It’s important that you get the right support when you leave hospital. We can help with minor repair and adaptations to much larger projects – so you can get home as smoothly as possible. To make sure you’re not at risk, we will always check for asbestos before approving any home improvement works.

Examples Of Improvements Where You Do Not Need Permission

We are actively working with the Department for Transport to arrange a future Public Inquiry for the M2 junction 5 improvements Scheme. You can visit our virtual exhibition to find out more about the scheme, what we’ll be doing and when, and how we’ll be protecting the environment throughout construction, along with a host of other information. For businesses and residents within the closures with direct access off Oad Street, please make your way to the closure point where access will be provided. For safety, we’re unable to allow anyone through our working area during the closures, this is for access only.

Terms And Conditions For Home Improvements

From 8 December 2021 until 15 February 2022, we asked you for further feedback on our detailed proposals as part of our statutory public consultation. A total of 579 survey responses were received during the ten-week consultation period. More than 74% of survey respondents strongly agree or agree with the proposed improvements to M5 Junction 10. This shows a high level of support for the scheme and is consistent with the results from our non-statutory consultation, held in winter 2020. In autumn 2020, we undertook an options consultation to hear your views and opinions on options for the M5 Junction 10 Improvements Scheme. Overall, the options consultation demonstrated that the majority of participants (84%) agree that there is a clear need for the scheme.