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Hopefully, it has given you some inspiration, ideas and helped you decide what home improvements are right for your property and how you can improve its value. Despite all of the improvements above, some houses on certain streets just won’t gain any extra value, no matter how luxurious of a house you make it. Some trees, for example, can cost hundreds and even thousands of pounds. Whilst planting several of these may look nice, they won’t actually add all that much value. Believe it or not, swimming pools can actually put buyers off and make a house less saleable.

  • Both, however, are more secure, easier to maintain, will save you money on heating bills and add value to your home.
  • These are all really inexpensive to fix and can be the difference between knocking £1,000s off your house’s value.
  • You should make sure to choose the right type of floor for the purpose of the room; for example, reception rooms should be durable and easy to maintain.
  • Some trees, for example, can cost hundreds and even thousands of pounds.

To add that extra finishing touch, consider boxing in your boiler and pipes to hide the unsightly mess. Natural Stone – Natural stone, like limestone, is the only type of flooring that gets better as it ages. It can truly last a lifetime and adds a pinch of character at the same time. The days when carpets in bathrooms were desirable are long gone and likewise, patterned carpets and lino tiles aren’t sought after anymore either. Years ago, bathrooms were rooms that just needed to be utilitarian.

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Separate Enclosure – A separate enclosure may not be vital, but if you have space and you can install one, it will definitely add more and be worthwhile doing. Simply ensuring your bath area is fully tiled with a properly fixed shower head will solve this issue. Although if you can add a separate enclosure, this will certainly be more desirable. Installing both a shower and a bath doesn’t necessarily mean you need to add a whole separate shower unit. Making sure your property has both a shower and a bath means in the long term it will appeal to everyone. Families in particular always need a bath for small children, yet the convenience and speed of a shower are also vital.

Fantastic service from this company had 2 doors fitted and and they were great. Silver Saints Ltd is London’s premier handyman, boiler, heating and electrical service. Our client enquired about artificial grass in a new-build garden, the grass just would not grow properly at all whatever they tried. So you’ve finally had enough of your crumbling, ugly driveway and it’s time to upgrade… The work proceeded on time, the workmen were very helpful, polite and explained the process on a number of occasions.

You can contact your nearest Citizens Advice if you need further advice on home improvements. You might also be able to find local grants to help with things like insulating your home from Simple Energy Advice. For more information about a landlord’s responsibility to do repairs, see Repairs in rented housing.

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Loft Insulation – Installing extra loft insulation is cheap, easy and completely DIYable. The minimum thickness recommended nowadays is 250mm which has been updated in recent years, where it used to be as low as 100mm! You don’t need to remove the old stuff, you can simply lay new insulation over the top and it’ll help the house to retain heat, cut your bills and improve your EPC. If you rent your home and apply to your local authority for a disabled facilities grant, you’ll need to get your landlord’s permission before your local authority will agree to help you. However, your landlord must not refuse permission without a very good reason. If you need to make changes to your home because of your disability, your landlord should agree to this unless they have a good reason for not doing so.

#3 Adding A Swimming Pool

His last appearance on home improvement was the eighth season Christmas episode “Home for the Holidays”, which aired on December 8, 1998. He did not return to the show for the series finale, only appearing in archived footage. Your local authority might have a list of local architects, surveyors and builders who specialise in renovation work which you could ask to see when choosing a contractor for the work to your home. If you intend to carry out the work yourself, you won’t be able to claim for the cost of your labour. A local authority must give you a disabled facilities grant if you meet the conditions for getting one. If you, or someone that you live with, are disabled, you might be able to get a disabled facilities grant for adaptations or providing facilities for the disabled person.

Most people desire open-living in these rooms and doing so will give you a whole new layout for a bigger, better and more sociable room. However, if you were to convert a cellar to live in, this would add an entire floor, extra rooms and considerable value. Renovating a cellar is no easy feat as you’ll have to deal with damp below the ground level, ensure there is a fire escape, and you may even need to lower the floor level. It will be invasive, destructive and it’s a renovation with no quick turnaround.

This is particularly true when it comes to certain locations where space is a premium anyway, such as London, for example. Garages are great for tool storage and sheltering cars, but if you don’t use them to their full potential, garages can become a dumping ground. Before the fridge was invented, these were spaces to store raw meat and keep it fresh. Now, they often sit underneath houses as empty disused rooms or just storage space. According to The Guardian, an attic conversion can add 20% to the value of your home. The use of a log burner means spending less on your heating bill and if you have the luxury of free wood supply, they can be inexpensive to run as well.