Elegant Modern Living Room Design Ideas

Living Room design

Living Room Design- Who doesn’t want to have a modern luxury living room interior? The presence of a slick living room is indeed important to entertain guests or visit relatives. The beautiful and comfortable interior of the living room can also be enjoyed by family members in the residence as a gathering area to exchange stories.

1. Cozy Style Luxury Living Room

The impression of plong is the thing that sticks out the most from the interior of this modern luxury living room. Supported by high ceilings, a luxurious atmosphere is also felt thanks to access to maximum natural lighting. In order not to be too hot and still comfortable, added white vitrase that blends beautifully with brown curtains. The combination of textures on the carpet and sofa also adds dimension to the interior of this living room. A strategy worth trying, here!

2. Modern Japanese Living Room Design

Then there is the inspiration for the interior of a modern luxury living room that is always beautiful and pleasing to the eye. It’s not just the effect of a full size wardrobe that is beautifully attached to the side of the wall. However, the beauty of this living room is also supported by the selection of luxurious and inviting furniture. To know more about business art and entertainment you can visit this site https://www.festivaldelladriatico.com/

Letter L leather sofa is presented to add luxury. Likewise with the recliner sofa in the corner of the room near the window. The addition of a beautiful and large patterned rug also makes this living room even more majestic and classy.

For those of you who are looking for a comfortable leather sofa without having to spend too much, you can take a look at Sofa L Hugo from Artista Home above. Wrapped in an elegant black color, this sofa could be the right choice for you. In addition, this multifunctional sofa thanks to the stool equipped with storage is also comfortable to sit on for a long time.

3. Nice Impression Amidst Luxury

To get the appearance of a luxurious and modern living room, it’s not just about the arrangement of the furniture or the space. But also cleanliness and tidiness. Emulate the TV desk strategy with a total of 4 spacious drawers.

This drawer is ready to store all your messy belongings in the living room. Guaranteed the room will be slicker! In addition, there is also a multifunctional guest table equipped with shelves to put magazines and various items such as a tv remote or a small jar of snacks. The interior of the living room is not only luxurious, but also clean regularly.

For multifunctional table products, first check the Mako guest table from Heim Studio to complement your living room interior to make it more efficient. Besides having a functional storage area, the tabletop can also be used as a work desk through its sophisticated and intelligent machines.

4. Bring Privacy In The Living Room

The use of partitions looks beautiful to frame the interior of the modern luxury living room above. Only with the right width and not excessive, its presence is also compact with wood panel accents on the walls. For a more material-efficient solution, it can also combine with white HDF plus high and versatile open shelving. The living room design also becomes more attractive.

5. Homey Modern Minimalist Living Room Interior

For medium-size residential types, the interior of a modern luxury living room can still realize. Use a semi-formal or casual approach that is located in the middle of the room. Just combine an elegant table with a pair of comfortable chairs. In the middle, place a 2-seat sofa to complete the composition of the living room interior.

The choice of a sitting chair like the inspiration above can also be multifunctional because it can move it. Able to entertain guests, and stay polite. Used for the dining room is also very practical. Just make sure you choose a chair that is sturdy and quality so that it lasts!

6. The Interior of the Luxurious Living Room is Full of Warmth

For the interior of this modern luxury living room, the impression is quite totality from end to end. In the background, the combination of wood accents with natural stone marble motifs is quite effective in giving the impression of luxury. Coupled with dim lights, the interior of this living room feels warmer and more elegant. To add a warm and cozy impression, don’t forget to bring a soft carpet and sofa, OK!

A luxurious and modern living room design reflects your taste as a homeowner. Therefore, make sure it has been considered carefully so that the execution is right.

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