Easy Ways to Create Ideal Design for Minimalist Kitchen

Kitchen Design

Kitchen Design- As a complex room, careful consideration is needed in designing a small minimalist kitchen. Although the size is limited, the minimalist small kitchen model still has to accommodate various components with different material compositions. One little to determine the material, then a small minimalist kitchen can not function properly.

Modern minimalist kitchen models also have wider functions. With all these demands, designing a minimalist small kitchen is not easy, it is actually quite tiring.

To simplify the process of designing a small minimalist kitchen, avoid some mistakes by following these steps!

1. Prioritize Needs, Not Wants

The ideal minimalist small kitchen design focuses on how functional the kitchen is. For that, at the planning stage, the needs of the kitchen should take precedence over the desire to make a small minimalist kitchen easier to realize.

In order not to make a mistake in determining the needs of a minimalist small kitchen, adjust the kitchen design to your daily cooking style. Are you a practical food cook or do you often try new recipes? This relates to kitchen utensils and materials that you will use later.

Also, consider other functions in a minimalist small kitchen besides cooking. The dining table area can also use as a dining area, family gathering, or double as a workspace. Prioritizing needs is also anticipation so that there will not be many changes or renovations in a minimalist small kitchen in the future.

2. Know the Condition of the Kitchen Thoroughly

The condition and architectural structure of the kitchen greatly affect the amount of the budget and the length of the manufacturing process. In the planning stage of a small minimalist kitchen, you not only need to know the exact size of the kitchen, you also need to determine the strategic position of the outlet. And it is necessary to make a small minimalist kitchen ventilation path by paying attention to the structure of the walls and ceiling. To know more about computers you can visit this site https://www.ntt-infolead.net/

Small details like this will determine the performance of the kitchen in the future. If the equipment does not keep up with the kitchen conditions, then the changes made can cost more.

3. Choose the Best Material

Strong kitchen materials make a small minimalist kitchen last longer. Wherever possible, choose materials that have the lowest price but have qualified quality. However, there are times when you have to venture to spend more money to choose the best material.

Tablet tabletop coatings, such as solid granite and granite, can be used as investments in a minimalist kitchen. Invest more in buying quality hinges for cabinet doors and hardware that work very intensely because they are opened and closed so often – invest more in quality hinges. Quality materials can prevent damage in a small minimalist kitchen whose repairs can cost more money.

4. Follow Kitchen Standard Size

Standard sizes need to be adhered to in making a small minimalist kitchen. A series of long studies have been carried out by experts to determine the ideal simple minimalist kitchen model.

In the interior component of a small minimalist kitchen set, the minimum size of the upper cabinet width from the wall is 30 cm. It is necessary to make a further distance from the lower cabinet because it is the foundation of the finished table area of at least 60 cm. The distance between the upper and lower cabinets is 90-100 cm.

If the minimalist small kitchen design involves other components of the kitchen set that are made separately, such as placing two kitchen cabinets or lower cabinets opposite each other, the distance between the two lower cabinets must be at least 1.2 meters so that users can move freely.

Small minimalist kitchen lighting also needs to be placed in the right position. The distance the light falls into the kitchen work area is 75 cm.

5. Do a Flexible Kitchen Arrangement

Need to adjust the arrangement of a small minimalist kitchen with the workflow to be comfortable when using it. There are three workflows involving kitchen components or appliances: preparing food in the tabletop area, cooking in the stove area, and storing food in the refrigerator. In order for the workflow to run more smoothly and freely, you should place the three components in a triangular layout, regardless of the shape and size of a small minimalist kitchen.

6. Take care of the kitchen to stay durable

After complete for a small minimalist kitchen, careful planning will be useless if it is not accompanied by maximum care. One effective way to keep a small minimalist kitchen durable is to keep it clean regularly after every use.

If there is damage, fix it as soon as possible. Delaying repairing damaged kitchen components can actually risk expanding the damage.

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