Design Kitchen Ideas: 8 Simple, Beautiful, and Functional Small Kitchen Designs!

Design Kitchen ideas: 8 Simple, Beautiful and Functional Small Kitchen Designs!

Good kitchen design ideas are very necessary because some people believe that the kitchen is one of the most important areas in a dwelling.

So, not infrequently a number of people need inspiration so that the design they want to carry remains appropriate, both in appearance and function.

The increasing purchasing power of type 36 houses with a minimalist style makes people have to be smart when choosing the design of each room, including the kitchen.
This is because it relates to the budget issued and dealing with the land.
With simple inexpensive small kitchen design ideas, you can reduce costs while still promoting beauty.

We present the best small minimalist kitchen design ideas that have been summarized from various sources.

8 Cheap Simple Small Kitchen Designs

1. Simple Kitchen Design Ideas

In terms of appearance, a simple kitchen design like the picture above may seem ordinary.
However, functionally, the kitchen really represents a minimalist and inexpensive style.
Moreover, the placement of the kitchen not far from the window is very good for air circulation.
To further beautify this cooking area, you can put a number of furniture in uniform colors.

2. Cheap Letter L Kitchen Design Ideas

If you want to reduce costs by making kitchens cheaper, the design you can choose is to prioritize function.
The letter L kitchen with a variety of simple accessories is an ideal choice.
Get around the limitations of land through color combinations through bright shades, such as choosing red on some furniture.

3. Dominate White Color

Psychologically, the choice of the main color in the kitchen can affect the area as a whole.
Although the size of the kitchen is relatively small, you can choose white as the primary color.
For example, the white color on the walls, some furniture, to the floor.
Thus the impression of space will be felt even though the kitchen is actually small and simple.

4. Add the Wood Element

A cheap simple small kitchen design by adding wood elements is worth a try, Friend 99.
The reason is, in addition to giving another ‘color’ in appearance, the cooking area will seem more natural.
However, the placement of the wood elements should not be excessive.
The placement that you can choose can start from the cabinet or kitchen set.

5. Cheap Simple Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Organizing the kitchen by storing various furniture in strategic areas is highly recommended so that it is pleasing to the eye.
In addition, you can also give another touch with unique decorations.
For example, such as photo frames, ornamental plants in pots, and so on.
Choosing a favorite color can also be applied to some equipment such as gas stoves, plates or other furniture.
Despite the small size of the kitchen, in terms of function and appearance, the kitchen still looks charming.

6. The kitchen merges with the family room

There is nothing wrong if you want to arrange the kitchen together with the family room.
However, the layout must be considered carefully.
Don’t let it end up feeling uncomfortable for all residents.
So, to work around this, give a divider or barrier.
In addition, the selection of a kitchen set will be very decisive so that the room will not feel cramped.

7. Small Kitchen with Ornamental Plants

A small kitchen risk that you may rarely notice is stuffiness.
Therefore, placing ornamental plants in the kitchen is a solution that you can try.
The reason is, in addition to making the air fresher, the kitchen will look more beautiful.
In fact, if possible, save certain ornamental plants that provide many benefits.

8. Elegant Design for a Simple Kitchen Design Ideas

An elegant kitchen design will shine when you combine a variety of colors and neatly arranged furniture.
For example, the combination of black and white for the walls and floor tiles gives a different aura.
It’s even better if you also embed some furniture so that residents don’t feel bored.
That’s a cheap simple kitchen design that might be ideal for a minimalist home.

Hopefully, it’s useful.