Contractors: Construction Service Providers and Their Duties

Contractors: Construction Service Providers and Know Their Duties

Contractors an individual or legal entity that is contracted or hired by the project owner to carry out work in accordance with the contract agreement.

A contractor is a person, legal entity, or business entity who is contracted or hired to carry out work projects or construction projects. In a project completion time, the cost is usually the limit of a contractor’s work In practice, the project owner directly appoints the contractor to work on the project work

The following is a review of the definition of contractors according to the experts along with their duties and types.

Understanding Contractors According to Experts

A contractor also called a builder is a person or business entity that accepts work and carries out the work according to the plans, regulations, and conditions stipulated. The services offered can be in the form of construction consulting, such as assessment, planning, design, supervision, and management of building construction implementation.

Many people refer to contractors as contractors, even though there is a difference between contractors and contractors. The contractor’s work system is based on a written contract, but the contractor works based on a verbal agreement only. In addition, contractors are always legal entities, while contractors are the opposite.

Contractor Duties

The following are some of the contractor’s duties, including:

  1. In this way, the contractor can protect if an error or non-conformance occurs.
  2. Make progress reports on projects that are being worked on. The contractor reports the execution of the work and the number of workers working on the project.
  3. The contractor determines the implementation of the work schedule according to the plan so that the building construction process can run smoothly and on time.
  4. Provide materials or materials, professional and skilled labor, and places needed to support the smooth development process.
  5. A contractor working on a major development project must ensure that all the equipment used to maintain it is in a proper condition so as to facilitate the process of working on the project.

Scope of Contractor Services

The following are some general contractor services, including:

  1. Design Service
    The scope of contractor services is design services. After discussing with the project owner and conducting a land survey, the contractor will provide detailed project design services. Starting from interior design, and exterior, to facilities. They make this design according to the wishes, needs, and budget of the project owner.
  2. Buildings and Materials
    At this stage, the contractor is responsible for land clearing, excavation of soil for foundation purposes, and making infiltration wells.
  3. Renovation or Remodeling
    The contractor may carry out renovations related to the interior, exterior, and facilities of the house or building. Next, the scope of contractor services is renovation or remodeling. At this stage, the contractor will carry out a range of work such as demolition and repair.