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You need to do a little research first to ensure you’re choosing the best from the different types of contractors. The general contractor is the person or firm who contracts directly with the project owner. The role includes hiring, scheduling, and managing subcontractors, as well as generally steering the ship. There may also be some additional aspects of the project that the GC might handle. In a typical construction contract, “contractor” typically refers to the general or prime contractor.

  • Also, unless an individual is an employee of the property owner or another contractor, everyone contributing labor to a project is technically a contractor.
  • Despite them being more taxing since April, dividends still deliver higher take-home than paying salary alone.
  • More production processes are being outsourced to outside contractors, making supply chains longer and more convoluted.

The right types of construction contractors will also be qualified, insured, and licensed. They also need to be fiscally responsible, which is one of the most important aspects of making a job go smoothly. Construction has survived on word-of-mouth marketing for centuries, and it’s still a valuable tool. If you have just a few industry-related contacts, you’re opening up a world of possible contractors. Just be sure you trust those contacts, and do your research before hiring anyone. Social media remains one of the most effective ways to find and connect with anyone, and that includes contractors and subs.

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If the GC’s crew handles the drywall installation, they’ll often sub-out the actual taping of the seams. Taping subs are experts in making drywall with whips and bows look like a perfectly smooth flat surface, so they’re usually worth paying for. The general contractor will often take on this contractor’s role, depending on the licensing requirements where the project is taking place. But overwhelmingly, the term “contractor” most often describes the companies or individuals providing physical labor of some sort. We envision a world where no one in construction loses a night’s sleep over payment. A second tribunal decision relating to services provided to Sky has now been released with the tribunal again not upholding the appeal.

These subs repair the ground damage caused by heavy equipment, as well as install gardens, water features, walkways, and other accents to bring a site to its finished state and add curb appeal. The finish carpentry sub will install door trim, baseboards, crown molding, and other decorative woodwork throughout the project. In a traditional residential build, they’ll usually hang the doors as well.

In other sectors, a dearth of large projects is providing opportunities for medium sized contractors to diversify and gain market share. Glenigan’s research suggests that to do so involves a step-up and to also take on larger jobs that the national players may have eschewed or that clients prefer to be handled by more local players. Contractor profiles contain data about a construction company’s payment practices, dispute history, past liens, and reviews left by other contractors. This data is then compared to thousands of other contractors and results in a Payment Score. That score is extremely helpful in comparing different types of contractors against one another as it provides a simple benchmark for reference. Whether you’re a new GC looking to build an army of dependable subcontractors or a project owner running a job for the first time, finding the right contractor can be tricky.

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If those subs and suppliers aren’t getting paid, they have a right to file a mechanics lien or materialman’s lien on the property, even if the owner and GC are trying to do the right thing. For safety records, no news is good news, but you should ask. Regarding the credit check, it’s crucial to hire fiscally responsible contractors, and we’ll go over why in a bit. Insulating used to be a job that general contractors would handle, but with the advancements in energy-efficient building, the job has become far more specialized.

For buildings where wood framing isn’t an option, the steel contractor will erect the structure. They often build the steel beams themselves, deliver them to the site, and install them in place. They’re commonplace on commercial projects, but they could be called upon to build and install a steel beam in a residential structure. The framing contractor will typically build the structure of a building. Their job involves wood and metal framing, depending on the project at hand. They will also typically sheath the building and might even install windows and doors.

The medical & scientific sector has also provided opportunities for medium-sized contractors to diversify and expand. The continued strength of opportunities in the industrial sector has provided an opportunity for medium-sized contractors to diversify their order books. As work in other sectors waned, the biggest increase in Morgan Sindall’s order book has been in social housing, where orders leapt by 193% to £714 million. With those questions, you’ll have a good idea of what the contractor is capable of and what they’re like to work with. If they have experience with these projects, ask for references and a portfolio.