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They usually offer free advice, so pick their brains,” Justin advises. 23,100 depending on your unique requirements and how extensive your project will be. You need between £7,200 and £14,400 to get a bathroom this size remodelled. This is the most common bathroom size for master bedrooms.

  • Your local Refresh Renovations consultant will be happy to meet with you for a free, no obligations consultation.
  • Could that cash be better spent on additional PVC panelling or vinyl flooring for example?
  • The types of materials you choose will also affect the cost – you can choose from vinyl, ceramic, stone, engineered wood and even concrete.

If you don’t include every item, you may waste time during the remodelling. It’s really important to understand what you should and shouldn’t be paying for when shopping around for quotations. Many installers will try and lure you in with a cheap initial quote, only to add on ‘hidden’ costs as the renovation progresses.

Why Remodel Your Bathroom?

Countertop basins, which sit upon a countertop, are available from £35 upwards. Hiring bathroom installers who lives local to you is always important. After all, you wouldn’t want a tradesperson travelling several hours to your home and feeling tired upon arrival. That’s why, with our Design and Installation service, we only use local bathroom fitters who are accredited by the British Institute of Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom Installation . So, whether you live in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Bristol or anywhere else in the UK, you can enjoy the services of a local bathroom installer.

The second problem was that made it harder to lay the new flooring. Tim decided to run the pipes behind the bath tub and concealed them. Going on to paint a picture he says, ‘The bathroom had drab plastic marble effect panelling which had been stapled and badly siliconed to clad the existing walls.

Tims Bathroom After The Transformation

The size of your bathroom and where it’s located in your home will impact the cost of any minor building work you have done. It would cost you between £35 and £50 per hour to hire someone to professionally design a new bathroom. And on top of that, we’ll outline any extra costs you might need to pay, how long it’ll take to build, and how much you should expect to pay for repairs and maintenance. Keeping the old ceiling because it’s ‘OK’, or not having an extractor fan fitted as it costs a bit more, could affect the finished look,” Justin says. Recycle the decent things, by all means, but not every last screw or bath plug, or you’re defeating the object of planning a lovely new bathroom. “Right in the early stages, get professional bathroom fitters in to take a look.

You can have a completely open shower or decide to install a glass panel after all to avoid water splashing where you don’t want it. The vanity will need to be placed away from the shower or be waterproofed. A standard shower mixer will cost you around £60 for a basic unit. A Thermostatic shower mixer adjusts the water temperature when the water pressure changes and these cost from £125. Run the plumbing pipes through the floor and the interior walls to avoid any of the plumbing running along the exterior of the house.

Bathroom Suite Installation Cost

If you’re not interested in the baseline and want to know how we came about the bathroom renovation price estimates, we have a breakdown of the different bathroom components below. The following is how the different integrants affect the bathroom remodel costs. If you are increasing the size of your bathroom as part of a larger renovation, try not to remove load bearing walls as this will add significantly to the cost. This may be a challenge to avoid, but try to look at alternative options such as keeping the original footprint of the bathroom to avoid unnecessary costs.