Bathroom Remodel Ideas bathroom remodel ideas

If you’re starting your bathroom renovation from scratch, or ripping out and starting again, then once you’ve sorted the plan and the plumbing you’ll need to think about what kind of ideas you’d like. The easiest option is to get inspiration from bathroom professionals. However, if you’ve dreamt of a roll-top bath or a walk-in shower with heating at, then you might want to take longer looking for each item individually. Choosing all white elements will obviously tie everything together, but also think about the style you’re going for – ultra modern taps will clash with traditional Victorian-style wash basins. And it’s probably good to consider your flooring or surfaces, and walls to make sure everything will complement.

  • This stunning lighting scheme is by John Cullen — LED strips have been concealed within the ceiling to shine light just where it has the most impact.
  • Of course, revamping your bathroom walls often means that the flooring will also need to be tackled.
  • This is particularly true where anything visible might disrupt the impact of the design such as in this bathroom covered in colorful kismet tiles which was designed by Paris-based LSL Architects.
  • The care and attention we received from your firm has been exceptional.

However, as good as bathroom wallpapers can be, don’t use it anywhere it will get splashed regularly, such as around a sink or shower. In addition, wallpaper is a great way to cover up uneven surfaces or unsightly marks that paint would simply highlight. Wallpaper in a bathroom might seem like a bonkers idea, but there is a huge range of bathroom wallpapers that will take your bathroom from standard to stunning. Find decorative fixtures and fittings, such as cross-head taps, metalwork toilet roll holders, a roll-top bath and a high-level toilet where the cistern sits up above the toilet.. Storage is particularly important in a small en suite as you’ll want to make use of every inch of space.

Keep Colours Light For Awkward Layouts

These toilets are not as straightforward as a traditional toilet install. However, its minimalist look creates a stylish aesthetic and much-needed space in a small bathroom. I just redid my bath, basic remodel from brown cabinets and blue Formica to white with black handles and a marble countertop .

Other bathroom adaptations to consider are body driers, long-handled washing aids and wall mounted soap dispensers. Our guide to additional bathing aids provides more information. If a classic look is more your thing, there are some simple and more extensive things you can do to bring a traditional feel to your bathroom. A bold floor pattern that is crisp and clean will give your bathroom the contemporary edge.

How Do I Select The Right Bathroom Decor & Furniture?

Modern bathroom trends include matching fixtures and fittings, so if you want black brassware consider getting black towel rails , a black flush plate, etc. If you don’t enjoy or are beginning to struggle with cleaning your bathroom the installation of wall boards and or vinyl flooring are a smart option as they don’t have any grout lines. Your choice of basin and toilet is often related directly to the size and style of your bathroom. There is now a range of sanitary ware options available including short projection toilets and small basins created specifically for small suites. Installation of a free standing bath can be a great statement piece in larger bathrooms.

Thankfully we’ve gathered plenty of small bathroom ideas to help you on your way and inspire your next spa-like sanctuary, no matter what size your space. Whether your main bathroom or guest bathroom is on the compact-side, opting for white bathroom ideas will make it feel larger, lighter and brighter. Use different colors and materials as markers in your bathroom, such as patterned or colored bathroom tiles in the shower or around a vanity unit. Wall-hung units will create the illusion of more space and make a small bathroom look bigger. If you want a freestanding bathtub, choose one with feet to elevate the tub – that way, your bathroom flooring ideas will be fully on show.