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Turn the main water supply off and drain the central heating system. Lay down floor protection for all areas leading to the bathroom and remove all bathroom fixtures. Ensure that all redundant electric wiring and pipes are removed, tiles are stripped and the walls repaired and prepared for new cladding. Most plumbers will complete a bathroom renovation in about two to three days. It will depend on the size of your bathroom and the amount of work required. Our labour estimator for a bathroom renovation won’t be the same throughout the UK.

These usually come in kits that include the shower tray, frame and door. An economy quadrant tray and a frameless door can cost as little as £60, with full wet room kits exceeding £500. The price for electrical wiring alterations can be kept to a minimum, depending mostly on the fixtures that you choose. A luxury bath or shower can require additional electrical wiring if they use a pump. When calculating the cost of a bathroom renovation, it helps to approach it logically.

Choosing the right bathroom suite, along with your shower, taps, furniture and accessories is vital, especially if you’re working to a specific budget. The ‘hottest’ product on the market to keep bathrooms nice and warm is a hot water underfloor heating system. Using water to heat the floor is one of the healthiest and most comfortable ways to heat a room. As a more common and mainstream option, electric underfloor heating systems are also widely available.

How Much Does Bathroom Furniture Cost?

I hope this post has helped you understand rough costs for a bathroom renovation in the UK. If you got value from this post, be sure to visit our Renovation Advice page for more stories and tips if you’re renovating a house. Recessed halogen or LED downlights are the standard, basic setup. A set of two or four, depending on the size of your bathroom should do the job. However, if yours is a larger bathroom you may need extra lighting to illuminate it all. Making a real statement and creating a luxury spa feel, the freestanding bath is one of the essential items that turn a normal bathroom into a real high-end space.

  • As a more common and mainstream option, electric underfloor heating systems are also widely available.
  • Your bathroom can reflect on your lifestyle, whether it is a walk-in tub for a senior, a jacuzzi to relax in, or a new shower installation.
  • If you would like to exchange an old floor standing vanity for a new wall hung model, the pipework needs to be reset to fit into the designed space within the drawer of the vanity.
  • Wet rooms are designed to be watertight and are usually open plan – with limited, if any, barriers.
  • While using up little space, these baths can add an appearance of luxury to your bathroom and enable more walking room around it.

This will involve electrical works, so an electrician will be required. A well-ventilated family bathroom is vital, not least to prevent the growth of mould. When undertaking a complete bathroom refurbishment or starting from scratch, it is always important to consider fitting an extractor fan. A professional electrician will be required for any electrical work, so always factor this additional cost into your budget.

How Long Does It Take To Tile A Bathroom?

They usually offer free advice, so pick their brains,” Justin advises. 23,100 depending on your unique requirements and how extensive your project will be. You need between £7,200 and £14,400 to get a bathroom this size remodelled. This is the most common bathroom size for master bedrooms.

Similarly, accessible baths such as walk-in baths or whirlpool-style baths will cost a lot more than basic budget options. Your total remodelling cost will obviously depend on the quality of the items you purchase. Despite the price variance we mentioned above, it is possible to get a really good deal on your bathroom renovation. All that’s required is a clear idea of what you want to achieve and the help of a transparent bathroom installer. Courtesy of our very own ‘Ideal Home Room Clinic‘ Facebook group, we found this impressive bathroomtransformation. Interiors enthusiast and bargain hunter Tim Grainger, from Devon, turned his hand to a spot of DIY home renovations – to save on costs.

This small luxury has become popular in many homes, and it’s one of the small domestic pleasures that most people wouldn’t want to miss anymore. Ceramic tiles are the most popular option for bathroom flooring, and they come in a huge range of styles and colours. Available from around $50 per square metre, ceramic tiles are durable and moisture-resistant. They are very easy to clean and require hardly any maintenance at all. It is, however, important that they are properly installed and grouted.

Some very old plastic pipes and fittings may be due for replacement too to avoid leaks. Copper piping is usually fine and new pipes can be joined onto it. Some waste pipes also need replacing to conform to the new standard diameter requirement of 100 millimetres. Walls will need to be chased for the installation of new pipes and electrical wiring. Electric wiring and pipes need to be installed according to council regulations.

The first thing I did was remove all the panels.’ It soon became apparent to Tim there wasn’t a supporting structure behind them. A cheap bathroom suite will also be more prone to staining, cracking and scratching, so invest in a reputable brand to ensure your suite can stand up to a busy bathroom. A good builder will be happy to pass on any trade discounts that they get…this could be the bathroom door, tiles or even the bathroom furniture. We love this shower room in the home of @bungalow_brickswhere the luxury vinyl tile is a concrete effect, giving a stunning industrial look. If you never use the bath, then this may be the time to remove the bath altogether which will help with the bathroom cost. It may cost you a little more to get a professional finish but surely this is something worth paying for?