9 Ways To Save On The Cost Of A Bathroom bathroom remodel cost

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Even high-quality toilets with a slow closing lid only cost up to £300. Installation should only cost £75-£100 depending on the plumbing. However, if you’re planning a luxury bathroom remodel including lots of features and bespoke elements, you should expect to pay more. For instance, updating a bathroom with a new suite will differ in cost compared to installing a new bathroom from scratch. Wherever more plumbing, decorating or electrics are required, the costs will be higher.

  • Basic shower enclosures featuring one glass side panel and a door, or a quadrant enclosure with double doors, can cost as little as £100.
  • A stud wall installation will probably cost between £200 and £400.
  • These stylish pink twin basins are from Norsu Interiors and look great combined with the brass taps.
  • Bath taps are usually a little larger than their basin counterparts, meaning they will cost a little more.
  • The cheapest option would be an electric shower, and this can be as little as £50.

Thankfully, an old bathroom doesn’t have to be a permanent eyesore. Tiles, paint, fixtures and cabinetry can all be easily updated without costing a fortune. If you are after a more contemporary basin, consider a semi-pedestal or wall-hung basin. Remember that a wall hung basin will require a stud wall to be constructed from which to hang it and conceal the pipework.

High-end, freestanding acrylic baths are strong and durable. You may need to compromise on some aspects of your new bathroom, to accommodate to your budget. There may be alternative solutions that you haven’t yet thought of.

And to have a bathroom cabinet installed, the fee will probably end up around £40 to £55. We look at how much you should expect to pay overall – depending on the size and quality of the bathroom which you would like to have installed. “These may include discontinued items, so it’s stock that bathroom retailers need to get rid of and will offer at a reduced price. Unless you’re planning a wetroom, you don’t need to cover every inch with porcelain, Raj advises. Not only is this cheaper – both in terms of labour and costs – but part-tiling is also often more practical. Prices will vary based on the extent of your particular remodeling project.

Resealing A Bath Cost

While standard showers require no electrical works, an electric shower—as the name suggests—does. If you’re wondering who you’ll need to employ to carry out this work, read our article on which tradesperson is best for fitting an electric shower. With updated estimated costs for 2022, we’ll show you how much you should reasonably expect to pay to have your new bathroom installed. Working hand-in-hand with your vanity, a flat wall mirror is a much more affordable option than a mirror cabinet. The flat mirror will be fixed straight onto the wall, so installation costs are also minimal.

During the survey, your installer will discuss your ideas with you and provide an accurate picture of the work and the resulting costs. Really, the only way to know for sure how much your bathroom renovation will cost is to have a survey. Your bathroom survey and designs should always be free and the process will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed choice.

How To Cut The Cost Of Your Bathroom Renovation

An economy steel bath is probably the best value for money. They are of a reasonable quality standard and can cost as little as £120. If you have the budget for the ultimate in luxury baths, cast iron and stone baths will be the most expensive.

New Bathroom Remodelling And Design Costs

Investing in good quality and sturdy taps will last far longer than cheaper ones, although they may save money in the short run. Cheap taps and showers will not be particularly hardwearing and you may find they are more prone to leaking. Items such as wall hung toilets might look amazing, but again will be costly to buy and fit, so consider a standard toilet which will be far more cost effective. The bathroom below from the home of @moditional_home has had a huge makeover which included repainting and stencilling the floor tiles. Many renovators find DIY jobs such as tiling, panelling and painting straightforward and enjoy being involved in the work. So if you fancy learning a new skill then you could help save on some of the labour costs, as well as having the satisfaction of carrying out some of the work yourself.