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Targeted merchandising makes it easy to create compelling content that will leave a lasting impression, while personalisation enhances the shopping experience by delivering tailored results for each customer. Getting together a list of online media and publications that influences these audiences is a vital step, as that not only helps from an SEO point of view, but the relevance has additional value in itself. If these sites that link to yours send any referral traffic, it’s likely that these users will be essentially pre-qualified visitors and are primed to convert into customers. With a surplus of shoppers going in-store to purchase DIY products, it’s important that retail stores selling your brand make the most of this shopping spike. This requires some forethought and awareness of consumer behaviour to avoid lost sales. All the more reason to focus on their online searching behaviour and preferred ways to start searching for information on home improvement products.

  • Perhaps you are overstocked on seasonal items and want to move inventory through a discount sale.
  • Do you need help to choose the right tools and supplies for your home improvement project?
  • Clifton Framing offer bespoke framing, made to match your most favoured photographs.
  • It may be a cliché, but the wisdom of filling your car with paint of known brands and quality in the UK still makes all sorts of sense if you have a DIY project in France of any size.

The French approach to customer service, both at the point of sale and for returns, has improved drastically in recent years but there are still marked variations between Brico businesses. Naming no names, for obvious reasons, there are those that prefer to stack their goods high and sell them off cheaply. Don’t bother trying to return anything here unless you enjoy being interrogated by an indignant manager who clearly thinks you’re trying to pull a fast one. However, the majority of French Brico stores have now bought into the modern service ethos and will happily exchange goods for you, although a credit slip is more usual than a cash refund. Whether you are working on a DIY home improvement project or you are a professional builder looking for power tools, we have you covered. Mathias Home Hardware is a one-stop-shop for domestic and commercial hardware supplies in St Davids.

It’s also the start of the run-up to Christmas, the season for inviting family and friends over when we naturally want our homes to look their best. By following the simple tips listed above, you can ensure that your visit to a home improvement store will be as safe and pleasant as possible. For example, if there’s a water leak from the roof or a problem with the electrics, the store will block off the aisle until it’s fixed. If you need to get something from the blocked-off aisle, you can always ask an employee for help. From beginners to pros, ensure your online shop supports varying search methods.

Five Key Seo Tips For Home Improvement Retailers

And when a product goes out of stock, simply relocate it to the bottom to avoid frustrating online visitors with offers that are no longer available. There are multiple types of do-it-yourself consumers visiting your site, varying from beginners to experts and everyone in between. So it’s easy to understand that just like their skill levels vary, so will their search behaviour. 78% of online shoppers agree that the search function is the most important element of a website. But with such differing traits, how is it possible to adhere to individual search habits and support them in making a purchase? With a wealth of independent local stores offering unique and bespoke products and services, Bristol stores can supply all you will need for your home improvements.

Using the right tools and supplies is essential for any DIY project, and you will find everything you need at our store. At Logobrand, our dedicated team of field marketing experts will help evaluate your current trading position in-store and design a tailor-made support package. We help you to exploit opportunities and maximise sales of your brands in-store, while delivering a positivereturn on your investment. We’re really proud of the clients we’ve worked with, including some of Britain’s best-loved brands, and we even havesome shiny new awardsthat are proof of our dedication and expertise in field marketing.

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The sequence in which products appear in the results has a major effect on online conversion. This interactive consultant is ready to help customers find their perfect parquet flooring. 5 simple ways to optimise your online shop and start hammering into conversion results. Hardware, paints and glass were particularly popular with shoppers, and volume of sales was 20.3% higher in February 2021 than in the previous year, says the ONS.

Customers say Langbridge is one of Bath’s best home and hardware stores, while the website also has a blog that offers helpful DIY and baking tips. We use 3rd party services such as Google Analytics to measure the performance of our website. We work with brands to help drive sales in-store, delivering industry-leading, award-winning field sales strategies and campaigns.