51 Stunning Kitchen Renovation And Remodel Ideas kitchen remodel

Your kitchen is often the hub of your home, and the knocks of daily life – especially with more cooking, home-schooling and working from home – can leave it looking tired. Our Design Consultants can discuss the available finance options, so you can make a choice that is right for you. At Wren, we believe that being different is important – it’s what makes our kitchens and our service the best in the UK. Wren Kitchens blog on all things kitchen, from recipes to the latest design trends. Kitchens are the most hard-working room in the home.

  • Still, you can personalize a little to add style and design to the property with subtle pieces of furniture like the bar stools and a range hood that appeals to your potential buyers.
  • Not only will you have to consider your sink, but also a dishwasher and perhaps a washing machine too.
  • The kitchen countertops experience the most rigorous activities when you’re cooking your meals.
  • It has both pendant light and marble countertops.
  • A more open-plan version of the galley kitchen is to have a run of kitchen units along one wall with a kitchen island unit opposite.

Look up and see if you have any space up high to play with. A few upper cabinets could make a big difference in your kitchen, and if they’re relatively low-profile, they shouldn’t leave your kitchen feeling cramped or crowded. Lighting plays a key role in any space—and that holds true even when it comes to your kitchen. Look for options that will both complete and complement your space. Remember that your kitchen isn’t just made up of cabinetry and countertops. While these are great candidates for a renovation revamp, your ceilings and floors deserve some love, too.

Kitchen Ceiling Light Ideas

The type of paint you need will depend on the surface of your kitchen cupboards at the moment. If they’re laminate, look for a specialist multipurpose paint designed for wood, melamine and MDF. For solid wood or wood veneer cabinets, look for interior wood paint. Look for well-built, sturdy units for a long-lasting kitchen. The best units are made of durable materials, such as good quality MDF or melamine-faced chipboard , which don’t scratch easily and have no sharp corners or edges or splinters.

Gone are the days when the sight of your cutlery in the open would invite a frown from the visiting guests — in fact, more and more people are opening up to the idea of open shelving. If you are looking to contrast your new kitchen from the old one (or your grandma’s) and add a sense of ‘largeness’ to your space, you should definitely try open shelving. This one is an example that follows the Galley design in a small kitchen.

When updating your kitchen backsplash, consider whether you want to incorporate new changes to the material or re-do the existing design. If you are short on time and money, consider a simple coat of paint. This way, you can incorporate a variety of styles depending on your existing material or simply add a shade. If you are artistically inclined, use a stencil to create a design in a secondary accent color. Different kitchen backsplash ideas might be enough if you can’t afford a complete renovation. The pendant lights are one of the essentials of modern kitchen designs.

For A Fraction Of The Cost

By using cabinets and countertops that match the ones in your kitchen, you can keep the spaces feeling related—even if they’re not directly next to each other. As you build out your renovation, be sure you’re creating space for everything you need to store as well as everything you want to showcase. If you envision beautiful paintings lining your kitchen walls, be sure to leave room for them—and make sure your shelves have ample space to store all your favorite kitchen items, too. Kitchens are loaded with different textures, and a renovation gives you the opportunity to customize yours.

If you’re running a busy family household, painted kitchen units with hardwearing laminate worktops might be a more practical choice. The great thing about painted units is you can easily repaint them for next to no money when they get marked and scuffed. Thus hanging open shelves or innovative kitchen renovation can provide the much-needed storage spaces without compromising your idea of a sleep modern kitchen or overloading your countertops. Photo of a contemporary kitchen in London with flat-panel cabinets, medium wood cabinets, black splashback, metro tiled splashback, an island, grey floors and black worktops. The best part about it is that there are so many ways to play around with it and be creative.

A composite Krion counter top in white compliments the soft wood grain of the white doors. Your kitchen doesn’t have to be completely colorful or completely sleek. By employing thoughtful pops of color, you can blend the two aesthetics—creating a space that feels dynamic and true to you. These unexpected sources of inspiration can inform everything from your lighting choices to your storage set-up, leaving you with a space that feels both special and unique.

These décor pieces are small and almost negligent unless they are in use. They are pretty much subdued so they don’t get in the way while you move around your kitchen in a hurry. But they do add an aesthetic appeal so your kitchen looks beautiful and keeps on par with the rest of your home décor. Quartz countertops are a much better solution for your needs.

Once you’ve found some inspiring kitchen lighting ideas here, take a look at our kitchen lighting products to find the new lights for your kitchen project. As you curate, remember to consider the spaces around your kitchen—this is especially important if your home is open-concept. If your kitchen shares space with your dining room, you’ll want to make sure the two look good together. Keep this in mind as you stock up on seating, lighting, and other items you could coordinate between the two spaces. Of course, there are plenty of places to deploy these pops of color, like on your cabinets, your kitchen island, or perhaps most popularly, on your backsplash. If you’re craving a statement-making option, consider matching your cabinets to your floors.