5 Best Bathroom Remodel Tips bathroom remodel ideas

An experienced homes journalist, her work has also appeared in Real Homes and Period Living magazines. She has a particular interest in green homes, and interior design is also a passion; she has undertaken qualifications in this area. Claire has recently finished her renovation project — and is now onto the next.

Shelving that sticks out too far encroaches on the overall illusion of space. Bethany is a full-time RV-er, and shares so much of her remodel and life on her Instagram. Also, if you are on the other end, and you have a small camper, like a teardrop camper, a pop-up camper, or a van, you might need something smaller or portable, so I still wanted to include some great options for portable toilets.

Small Bathroom Ideas

As I mentioned, I wanted to provide two sets of options, the first one, in case you want to stick to RV sinks. First, consider the toilet.🚽 Check where your soil pipe is as this determines the best location for your toilet and begin creating a layout around this.

  • D-shaped baths also get the look perfectly but have one flat side, which butts up against a wall.
  • Where plumbing and electrics end up going, what areas get natural light and ultimately, it’s the difference between an adequate bathroom and a wonderfully functional bathroom that you want to spend time in.
  • If you have your heart set on a freestanding tub but are restricted on space, consider a reduced-depth model, like this compact design from The Albion Bath Company.
  • So today I want to cover some information and inspiration to help you with your remodel.

Dark colours will also work well to make a small space feel cosier. With clever storage ideas, savvy layouts and smart design tricks, there are plenty of ways to make your bathroom, cloakroom or shower room, the zen-like space you’ve dreamed of. Bring your bathroom walls to life with some stand-out tiles — whether you opt for a vibrant colour, a zingy pattern or a interesting format, your walls can become works of art in their own right. Smart home technology hasn’t bypassed the bathroom and one of the best bathroom ideas we have seen is bluetooth bathroom lighting, combining a speaker with LED lighting — sure to enhance your bathing experience.

Bathroom Brassware

Once you’ve removed all the fixtures and furniture, the next step is to remove the old floor and wall tiles. This design idea basically takes away the need for shower doors, so everything is open. Of course, this installation requires extensive work to fully waterproof the area. But, it can be an invaluable concept for improved accessibility and creating more space. Wet rooms are rising in popularity, and it’s not hard to see why. Fortunately, the image of traditional wet rooms is a far cry from the stylish options in modern interior design today.

This clever, yet simple paint trick is a great way to make a small space appear larger than it really is. A stylish wet room idea can make the most of a small space and add value to your property. If you’re converting an attic, consider a wet room instead of a bathroom.

Maybe a traditional look or perhaps something altogether more edgy. Whatever look you opt for, you will almost certainly find the perfect match for it from the many textures colours and designs of waterproof wall panels now available. Use panels on their own or mix and match them with other wall coverings to achieve dramatic contrasts. In non-wet areas, for instance, painted walls work well as does a bold splash of patterned wallpaper. Explore the beautiful bathroom ideas photo gallery and find out exactly why Houzz is the best experience for home renovation and design. Floating bathroom units also draw the eye to visible floor space underneath them, and clear glass shower screens will keep the room feeling open and airy.