33 Gorgeous Bathroom Remodel Ideas bathroom remodel ideas

When removing the shower, if possible, remove the enclosure panels first, to make the next steps easier. Remove any silicone seals around the tray, then detach and remove the tray itself. Now remove the furniture, including any cabinets, shelves and mirrors. Fit a quick connector or terminal block to each exposed wire for maximum safety. Installing a skylight doesn’t come cheap either, but it’s a great investment for dark and drab spaces. Sun tunnels are also a great option for flat or pitched roofs.

The dual entrance wet room panel was installed by Matki Installations. It’s not very glamorous, but bathroom drainage is very important to the finished look and practicality of your bathroom. A well-planned bathroom design will enable all pipework to be integrated and hidden away. And if you consider it before you begin, it’ll help with any unexpected changes and costs down the line.

  • Consider a ‘broken plan’ layout and use partial walls and screens to define the various areas of the space.
  • The result is a soft and tactile finish, which is then carried through in the curves of the avocado-green roll top bath by Water Monopoly.
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  • Fitting well into the industrial style, these dark and rather striking windows add sharp angles and allow for plenty of light to flood into the modern bathroom above.

There’s also a huge choice of multiple-option showers and shower heads on the market. For more tips on making the most of your space in small bathrooms. If a bath would be too big for the room, shower enclosures come in a range of sizes.

Go For A Monochromatic Bathroom Scheme

It’s really important to plan your bathroom space properly before you begin work as it’ll determine where the main elements are positioned. Where plumbing and electrics end up going, what areas get natural light and ultimately, it’s the difference between an adequate bathroom and a wonderfully functional bathroom that you want to spend time in. Whether you’re after small bathroom layout ideas or you’ve got a huge space to work with, getting it right before you begin is incredibly important. Once you have an idea of where everything will go, you can start to decide on the bathroom decor. ‘Bathrooms can sometimes be the last room that’s thought about when it comes to decorating, and it can be easy to forget that it should also be a space to decompress, relax and enjoy,’ says materials specialist Fameed Khalique.

These toilets are not as straightforward as a traditional toilet install. However, its minimalist look creates a stylish aesthetic and much-needed space in a small bathroom. I just redid my bath, basic remodel from brown cabinets and blue Formica to white with black handles and a marble countertop .

The latest launches include some really intricate and beautiful patterns that, when combined with a simple suite, could really enhance your bathroom. Consider a ‘broken plan’ layout and use partial walls and screens to define the various areas of the space. Storage alcoves have been created next to the bath and above the back-to-wall WC in this bathroom from Waters Baths of Ashbourne. Use built-in storage and create alcoves in showering and bathing areas to provide handy spots for bottles and jars. Offering more space than standard walk-in enclosures yet eliminating the chance of flooding the entire bathroom, these are seriously stylish showering solutions.

Film Noir Inspired Interior Design

Here, gold-finish fittings add warmth, detail is added in the patterned floor tiles and, of course, you can easily add texture with accessories such as baskets and towels. ‘For a more decorative finish it’s all about the finer details that will make your bathroom ooze with elegance. Here, large format floor tiles and white walls create a crisp contrast with the deep bathroom color ideas introduced in the form of green scallop bathroom tiles, without reducing their dramatic impact.

What’s more, they are available as pre-fabricated modular units, so all you have to do is install the unit and you’re all set. Another feature which can transform your bathroom and make it the haven of comfort and luxury that you’ve always dreamed of is underfloor heating. Underfloor heating is particularly attractive; just imagine walking around in your bathroom with that pleasant, warm feeling underneath your feet. If you want to make it even more luxurious, place a few soft rugs around the bathroom, especially right outside the shower or bath. Bold colours, different finishes and interesting shapes can have a big impact. You don’t have to splash out on the whole room if statement tiles are pricey.

If even that will be a squeeze, a wet room might be a good option. Your bathroom or shower room needs to be functional and practical, but good design can also turn it into a haven where you can relax and unwind. Plus, you can pop a few baskets underneath if you’re short on storage space. If your bathroom is verging on the small side, consider using freestanding furniture that you can move around at a moment’s notice. Claire is Editor of Homebuilding & Renovating and has been a member of the team for over 13 years.

Finally, when all the work is finished and your new bathroom is ready, put in place your towels, soap dispensers, candles and artwork to complete the look. ‘Assess your lighting at the planning stage to maximise opportunities,’ advises Peter Bowles, founder of Davey Lighting at Original BTC. Applying an additional sealant during installation will help avoid premature wear from harsh cleaning products. Brassware is an important part of any bathroom and should be considered early on when you start thinking about how to design a bathroom. ‘Heated towel rails are another must, keeping warm towels always ready to hand,’ continues James.