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You can also create the illusion of a larger central floor space by installing a wall hung basin and toilet. Your choice of sanitaryware will affect which taps you can have. Counter-top, bowl-style basins, for example, will require wall-mounted taps or those set into a vanity unit, while freestanding baths will need wall- or floor-mounted taps. Second fix plumbing, including the installation of the toilet, heated towel rail, bath and taps, shower, shower enclosure, basin and taps. This desktop-only bathroom app is an excellent choice to create the bathroom of your dreams in 3D. As on the Room Styler platform, you’ll need to design your bathroom in 2D first on the Reece platform.

If you will struggle to project manage the bathroom fitting yourself . Using a builder to manage the entire project means you have an expert to hand who can use their own team of trusted trades. Remember, many building contractors can also help you with your bathroom design. You’ll find a huge variety of bathroom taps to choose from, including small, basin taps to large, freestanding bath taps. Basic basin taps cost in the range of £30 to £45, whereas special finishes or designer models will set you back significantly more. Bath taps are usually a little larger than their basin counterparts, meaning they will cost a little more.

All floor coverings need to be laid on a solid, flat and clean floor surface. Depending on your choice of covering, you may also need to apply a levelling compound. If you opt for ceramic tiles or vinyl, you may need to prepare the floor first. Certain things have to be installed before you lay your floor. Drains for walk-in showers and low-profile trays are one example. To tile your walls properly, you’ll need to do the job in several steps, using suitable tools and materials (tile cutter, adhesive spreader, grinder, adhesive, grout, etc.).

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They will bring all necessary tools, equipment, and materials. Whether creating your own personal spa area or just updating for resale WBO Builders offers full-service bathroom remodel. We asked the experts for their expert tips to ensure everything runs smoothly… It’s important to establish where it all is and where it all goes so that you can be sure your new layout will work. For instance, it can be costly to move a soil stack, so it can often pay to leave the toilet where it is.

  • The contemporary bathroom is a perfect blend of simple form and high-performing functionality.
  • It’s really important to plan your bathroom space properly before you begin work as it’ll determine where the main elements are positioned.
  • The easy to use “drag and drop” option enables you to furnish your floor plan pretty quickly.
  • Explore the beautiful bathroom ideas photo gallery and find out exactly why Houzz is the best experience for home renovation and design.
  • Anyone after small bathroom ideas should consider an over-bath shower.

They take up a lot of space and you may not use it often but if you plan to sell your house in the future, don’t get rid of the tub if it’s the only one in the house. People will always want to buy a home with a bathtub in it – especially those with small families. Also, if you plan to install underfloor heating, it’s imperative that you make sure the flooring you choose is compatible.

This will also involve the laying of a protective film to protect your floor and if required the installation of a skip to get rid of any unnecessary items. For example, if you rarely go for a long soak you may wish to remove your bath to create more floor space and or install a larger shower. You will also need to consider who else uses your bathroom and how this may change for yourself and any additional users in the future.

However, if you are searching for a designer model or a specific type of toilet, this cost can rise. In early 2022, we’ve seen fuel prices increase due to the current situation in Ukraine. This may result in higher costs being charged by bathroom fitters, especially if they have to travel a long distance to reach you.

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‘Choose clever storage solutions, such as mirror cabinets or shower recesses, to make the most of your space,’ adds Yousef. More achievable jobs like tiling around a basin might be a good place to start if you’re really keen to make your mark. But even if you fancy trying your hand at doing some parts of the project yourself, there are some things are best left to the experts.

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Consider the layout of your bathroom first, followed by drainage, where your shower might go, including what type of shower, flooring, fixtures and fittings, bathroom storage, and lighting. 3D Room Planner is a free bathroom design tool, which presents you with top-notch design inspiration and helps you create a highly personalised 3D bathroom plan. You edit your design on the Room Styler platform in 2D first, choosing bathroom storage fixtures and bathroom furniture pieces from their templates. And to save your 3D bathroom, you will need to create a user account. The easy to use “drag and drop” option enables you to furnish your floor plan pretty quickly. Another helpful feature is the well-organised material library.

You can work off Planner 5D’s collection of high-quality pictures or create your personalised project using this free app. Either way, you are assured of photorealistic 3D image of your dream bathroom. The catalogue of bathroom furniture units comes at an extra charge, but it presents you with some stunning bathroom ideas. At Victoria Plum, we know how much you care about the cost of your bathroom, and the best way to keep those costs down is by buying quality bathroom products at a price that’s right.