25 Bathroom Remodel Ideas bathroom remodel

Bathroom furniture comes in all shapes, sizes, colours and finishes, with prices to suit just about any budget. If you require additional storage space, vanity units start from just over £100 and mirror cabinets are available from around the same price point. If you’d like to add a back to wall toilet unit, this can be bought for less than £65. Now, we’ve detailed bathroom fitting costs, it’s time to consider how much your new bathroom suite will cost. Depending on your needs, your bathroom products will, on average, add another £1,500 on top of your installation budget. However, these costs can vary, depending on whether you have a large bathroom or whether you are choosing more conventional items over luxury additions.

Imagine lying back in your bath and watching your favourite programmes? This will involve electrical works, so an electrician will be required. Consider practicality.🧼 While basins and toilets are bathroom essentials, the choice of a bath, shower or both depends on your space and preferences. Selecting bathroom decor such as cabinets, mirrors, shelves or other furniture for bathrooms can be tricky. You want to consider the storage they offer while also making sure they make an attractive feature as you enter your bathroom. Don’t forget you need them to be durable and withstand the damp conditions, e.g. if you’re going for a painted cabinet make sure the paint is suitable for baths.

‘There are a lot of horror stories about issues with bathroom makeovers and these are usually down to poor workmanship and incorrect installation,’ says Leigh Price, Co-Director of Real Stone & Tile. Good ventilation is especially essential in a bathroom with wallpapered walls. Without it, the paper will peel and worse still, your walls and ceiling could suffer from mold. Toilets come in classic, floor-mounted versions and wall-hung models.

Decide On Your Bathroom Flooring

For the creation of a wet room, where structural calculations, waterproofing and drainage issues are commonly faced. This is especially the case when the walls are structural . Don’t automatically think that if you’ve watched a YouTube video on how to grout tiles that you’re now an expert and you can do it yourself. As with most other tasks and trades, there’s a great deal of skill required in grouting that you can only get from years of experience. Installing poor or insufficient lighting can lead to spots of darkness, where you find yourself squinting to see in the low light and corners that are always covered in blanket of darkness.

Beyond that, the choice comes down to a bath, a shower enclosure, or both. It is important to think about who the bathroom will be used by. Anyone with young children, for example, may well want a bath and should think about easy-to-clean and non-slip surfaces. Alternatively, a walk-in shower and twin basins might be better suited to a main en suite bathroom. If you use a builder to oversee the project, they may be able to work with you on the bathroom layout or even come up with several bathroom layout ideas for you.

  • Your bathroom needs and size both play a part in this decision.
  • An impressive skylight, marble-effect tiling, navy blue ceiling and plenty of plants makes this room an incredibly Insta-worthy space.
  • The top tip here is to investigate whether you could dispose of any waste materials yourself for less money (e.g. by hiring a skip, using a waste bag or taking some of the waste to a local tip).
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Costing an average of £4,500 , bathroom renovations can be priced as little as £1,500 for simple designs through to over £10,000 for ultimate luxury modern bathrooms. When deciding your budget, consider that higher quality products are likely to be more expensive. The installation of a new bathroom commonly includes plumbing and electrical work, installation of wall and floor coverings, sanitary ware and furniture installation and applying finishing touches. Here you will decide your bathroom colour scheme and confirm your sanitary ware, fitted furniture, wall and floor coverings, lighting, heating and ventilation choices. A basic new bathroom suite could start from as little as around £250. You also need to factor in installation, tiling, heating, lighting and bathroom furniture.

What’s The Most Expensive Part Of A Bathroom Renovation?

With a diploma in interior design and more than a decade working on interior magazines under her belt, she feels very at home sourcing the best contemporary houses the world has to offer for Livingetc. While keeping to a budget is important, bear in mind that it is unlikely that you will get the most durable, high-quality fittings and fixtures at bargain prices. Remember that a wide range of factors will influence the cost of your project and high-quality bathroom suites often cost substantially more than the average project.

If you’re factoring in a tiler, a small bathroom would take one to three days and cost between £350 and £800. Renovating a bathroom can transform how you feel about your home. A bad bathroom starts and finishes your day on a sour note, while a good one can help you unwind and relax like no other space in the house.

Survey – We will send a specialist who will personally take a look at your bathroom. Contact us – Use our online booking form to set an appointment for a survey of your bathroom. No matter how big the scale of your renovation project, you can be sure that our friendly and highly skilled renovation professionals know how to get the job done. The Highbury Slipper Bath With Claw Feet from Bathroom Mountain costs £399.99.