25 Bathroom Remodel Ideas bathroom remodel

You can choose from an assortment of material finishes that includes bathroom fixtures, tiles and other accessories. Depending on the size of your bathroom, you may prefer a shower enclosure over a bath. Indeed, many ensuite or small bathrooms only have space for shower enclosures.

You can light your bathroom with wall lamps, ceiling lights or recessed spotlights. You can leave your panels open to create a practical and stylish walk-in shower. Alternatively, you can close your shower with a sliding, pivoting, swinging or folding door – whatever’s best for the layout of your bathroom. Bathroom electrical wiring has special requirements and needs to be installed with care. Make sure you choose electrical appliances with the right protection rating for the zone you plan to install them in . Depending on the layout of your new bathroom, you may have to re-route the electrical wiring.

We provide a 2-year workmanship guarantee in addition to any product guarantees. We hope you’ll never need to use our guarantees, but peace of mind is always a good thing to have. Plus, our range of flexible payment and finance options means you can find a plan to suit you. So you can’t re-use the old pipes if you replace a washbasin with a toilet, for example.

  • Power showers start at £150 and are connected to an integral pump to boost flow rate.
  • Underfloor heating is fast becoming a popular choice in bathrooms, allowing you to individually control the temperature without the need for cumbersome radiators.
  • So you can’t re-use the old pipes if you replace a washbasin with a toilet, for example.
  • The installation cost below is based on a close coupled toilet, the most common type.

Find inspiration.✨ Searching for your perfect bathroom style? Follow @Crosswater_UK on Instagram for more ideas and the right products to suit you. Think shower door types, storage space and more to whittle down your options. The sink, the mirror, shower and/or bath are the places where you might want the clearest and strongest light.

Most Common Ensuite Planning Mistakes To Avoid

Note, that it is your responsibility to safely store your certificates and show them when needed – potential buyers will want to see compliant documentation when you wish to sell your house. In all cases, you should discuss the relocation of plumbing, waste, pipework and electrics with your builder at the design stage. You should aim to get at least three quotes before making your final decision – see our guide for tips on making the right choice for your project.

Once you’ve connected all the sanitaryware, turn on the water supply and check for leaks. You can even get hydromassage baths with powerful water jets for a real touch of luxury. Once the floor is laid and dry, you can install the various items that need to be connected to the water supplies and drains.

Shower, Bath Or Both?

If you’re factoring in a tiler, a small bathroom would take one to three days and cost between £350 and £800. Renovating a bathroom can transform how you feel about your home. A bad bathroom starts and finishes your day on a sour note, while a good one can help you unwind and relax like no other space in the house.

How Much Does A Toilet Cost?

The shower hose and head are combined with the bath mixer tap and this is how the temperature is adjusted. They are easy and cheap to fit, but the pressure can be lacking and getting the water temperature right can be fiddly. Once you start looking at cast iron, timber, composite and stone, the prices rocket.