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A manual shower mixer (from £60) has the hose and spray coming out from a wall unit, with a temperature control to adjust the temperature. On the plus side, they are economic to run, installation is straightforward and they start at around £50. Not all acrylics baths are cheap though and those made from thicker, fibreglass-reinforced acrylic are of a much better quality.

Comfort, independence & safety in a modern bathroom setting. The average bathroom renovation cost is from around £3,000+, but costs will of course vary depending on where you are in the UK, the finish you go for and the size of your bathroom renovation project. Updating the space won’t cost as much as remodelling or reconfiguring the layout of the bathroom as moving soil stacks and pipework can be costly. Doing work yourself, like tiling, painting or laying flooring will bring costs down further. When working out your bathroom renovation cost it is important to factor in fitting costs. Don’t forget labour costs, tiles, heated towel warmers, lighting and frames for baths to be built in to.

Survey – We will send a specialist who will personally take a look at your bathroom. Contact us – Use our online booking form to set an appointment for a survey of your bathroom. No matter how big the scale of your renovation project, you can be sure that our friendly and highly skilled renovation professionals know how to get the job done. The Highbury Slipper Bath With Claw Feet from Bathroom Mountain costs £399.99.

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So, why not browse our luxury freestanding baths, stylish basins and contemporary toilets, all at easily affordable prices? Below, you’ll find some of the typical bathroom prices you can expect to pay on products at Victoria Plum. From tall wall units to mirrored cabinets, fitting a bathroom cabinet is usually a straightforward task, involving no plumbing work. However, should you choose to have a vanity unit fitted, this will involve plumbing, adding to the overall cost.

  • If there are unseen complications, such as damaged piping, then this will raise the cost of the quote.
  • You can leave your panels open to create a practical and stylish walk-in shower.
  • If you’ve been aiming to revamp your bathroom for months, with ever-evolving designs, it’s east to be carried away on a wave of excitement and not completely consider the eventual practicalities of all your plans.
  • When renovating a bathroom, pick your sanitaryware before first fix stage so that the electrician and plumber know where in the room pipework and electrics will need to go at the design stage.
  • Using a builder to manage the entire project means you have an expert to hand who can use their own team of trusted trades.

Toiletries, towels, cleaning products, toilet roll – there can be no doubt that bathrooms need plenty of storage. You could forgo cupboards and cabinets, storing everything in a separate area of your home, but the trips back and forth to restock your washspace will inevitably become tiresome. Installing dimmer lights are well-worth the outlay, as they give you full control of the amount of light the space receives and allowing you to personalise it whenever you see fit. Bear in mind, too, that all bathroom lighting should be either IP or NEMA rated for complete safety. Start by removing the shower panels, then remove the seals and detach the enclosure from the wall.

Small Bathroom Remodel

Some builders are able to carry out all the work required in the fitting of a bathroom. If you use a builder who can oversee and project manage the bathroom installation, they can also hire and co-ordinate the trades for you. Installing a new wall and floor covering in the form of tiles and flooring can add to the overall bathroom price. Tiles are normally priced per square metre and can be purchased from the around the £14 per sq. Similarly, laminate or vinyl flooring can prove an inexpensive option for your new bathroom, from around £22 per sq.

Use graph paper to mark out doors or windows, plus any existing features that may impact on the bathroom layout such as bulkheads, dormer windows, alcoves or sloping ceilings. When it comes to sourcing the right builder for the job, along with asking friends and family for recommendations, use ourFind a Buildertool. Our members are experts who have been professionally vetted and independently inspected to ensure they meet the highest standards. It’s surprising how even the smallest bathroom can be imaginatively planned,’ says Darren Paxford of VitrA. Reconfiguring a bathroom can be an expensive outlay and it’s best wherever possible to stick to the original layout, at least for the positioning of the toilet.

When renovating a bathroom keeping the layout the same will minimise the amount of work involved and therefore the cost of doing it. If you’re happy with the current configuration and will keep the plumbing in place, then the design is a lot more straightforward. Traditional-style high-level toilets are another option, as are more modern-looking wall-mounted WCs — here the cistern and pipework is typically concealed within a frame in a studwall.

With updated estimated costs for 2022, we’ll show you how much you should reasonably expect to pay to have your new bathroom installed. Get Measuring.📏Have a rough idea where your bathroom products will go? Start measuring your space to know the sizes you’re going to need.