10 Best Kitchen Remodeling Ideas To Renovate Your Kitchen kitchen remodel

Fitting your own kitchen will cut the cost of installation. DIY fitting is achievable if you’re competent at DIY, and especially if you’re fitting a like-for-like flat-pack kitchen. Plus, we’ve heard from people whose kitchens were so poorly fitted the first time that the job had to be redone.

While overhauling your kitchen, you might be working with a great designer. But it doesn’t always mean that they will have all the kitchen renovation ideas. It is always smart to check out kitchen remodel ideas for inspiration as well as to reduce the cost of kitchen remodeling. For example, if you plan to serve snacks or use this space for wine sessions, leave proper legroom and surface area for each person. About 24 inches of width might be enough for each person.

Be Creative With New Lighting

See our tips on hiring a kitchen fitter and find a reliable kitchen fitter near you using Which? All traders are vetted and audited to give you confidence in their services. Choosing an experienced and skilled kitchen fitter is crucial. Take care if you’re choosing a fitter purely because they’re cheap. This could be a false economy if you have to pay more to get problems fixed in the future. Plus, as the days start to get longer and lighter, niggles and knocks you’ve ignored through winter force their way to your attention.

  • Another example of a U-shaped design and very shiny surfaces are used.
  • A perfect example of a medium-sized country-style kitchen.
  • Once the country background is in place, accessories and collections allow you to personalize the space and add those perfect finishing touches.
  • This will give your kitchen an updated look without having to completely remove the old kitchen, saving you time and money.
  • While you’re not required to have an architect, usually they can ensure a better end result if your new kitchen plans require a big departure from the existing space.

That said, do not prioritize form over function. Remember, appliances are long-term investments. If you are planning to sell the property, check with local property agents to confirm whether investing in new appliances will fetch you a higher price for the property.

Choose A Range

Or—if you really want to make a statement—you can combine a vibrant color with a bold texture for a set of cabinets bound to turn heads. If you have space to spare, consider building a breakfast nook into your kitchen. Renovations can get expensive, so it makes sense to save money anywhere you can.

Galley kitchensare the top choice of professional chefs and aspiring amateurs as they are super-efficient. Two runs of kitchen units run parallel to one another, putting everything within easy reach. This may not be the best solution for small kitchens, as you need an absolute minimum of 120cm between the runs of units to allow for safe traffic flow – 140cm if more than one person is likely to be cooking. If you don’t have a separate utility room, you may also need to factor in a washing zone for your washing machine and tumble dryer.